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preview of coming attractions - Maui Kink

Mohair Rope (picture from Maui Kink)
I've always known that Serafina was a bit of a "rope slut" but had never pictured myself as the type who'd become so very interested in collecting rope of varying exotic materials.  Up until a few years ago I was pretty well satisfied with just a few lengths of white nylon rope.  With that said, I can't imagine going back either, I'm loving the variety available in natural fiber ropes, and, I'm looking forward to adding more.

Not to be counting our chickens before they hatch, but it's hard to contain the excitement we are feeling for the impending delivery of some significant additions to our rope bag.  We're expecting to add a wide variety of interesting and exotic rope from the nice folks at Maui Kink.

We are actually expecting a combination of three orders, one that was lost by the US Postal Service, combined with two other orders we made in quick succession to take advantage of their recent Bondage & Shibari Rope Surplus Sale.

The purchase started with both sets of rope samples offered by Maui Kink, their Standard Rope Samples as well as the Luxury & Exotic Rope Samples.  If my memory is correct (this is the order lost by USPS) there are also couple nice lengths of 8mm Hemp Rope, filling a current void in my rope bag for anything thicker than 6mm.
detail of Yak Hair Rope (picture from Maui Kink)
Then, as the really nice Maui Kink folks started adding new exotic ropes to their surplus sale, I kept finding lengths of various kinds of their rope, varieties I really wanted to try, at absolutely irresistible prices.  I'm using the term "irresistible" not in the sense of being  - "lovable, especially calling forth feelings of protective love" - not even in the sense of - "enticing; tempting to possess" as the standard alternative definition of the word implies.  No, I mean irresistible - "not resistible; incapable of being resisted or withstood" - meaning I bought almost everything I saw.

Coconut Fiber Rope (Maui Kink picture)
One of the items Maui Kink is rightly famous for is it's unique, and very rough, Coconut Fiber Rope.  We picked up a couple nice lengths of this rope, for times when I'm feeling particularly nasty, or when I want my darling Serafina to be very much conscious of her bindings.

At this point, I feel a little bit like donning a black cape and top hat, then twirling my mustache like cartoon super villain Snidely Whiplash.  Everybody knows that sometimes it feels good to be bad, and the Coconut Rope should make capturing that feeling a little bit easier.

For moments when I'm not quite feeling sadistic, also from Maui Kink's line of exotic rope, we are expecting a nice length of a unique and special Linen Rope, as well as some shorter lengths of Mohair and Yak rope.  I remember jokes from my youth about masochists and Mohair sweaters, so their rope description sounds perfect:
"Our Mohair fiber rope is sensually soft, with a natural fuzz that is spun from the silky hair of the Angora goat." 
Sounds pretty sweet, doesn't it?  Even Serafina is intrigued, which I can't say is perfectly true about the Coconut rope, which she already fears just a little.  Eventually, she will read this and know that's exactly how I'd like her to feel about the rougher ropes!

glowing UV Hemp Rope (Maui Kink picture)
And finally, filling out the three orders is 100 feet of their UV/Black Light Hemp Rope, a natural Romanian Hemp rope given a special treatment to make it emit a; "Lasting vibrant glow under true LED UV light."  We purchased this selection the cheapest possible way, with taped ends, as Serafina intends to cut the rope and add whipped ends herself.

Yes, my dear readers, life really is good when your slave/wife is not only a rope slut, but also talented enough to help finish the very ropes I'll be using on her.  Now, when USPS gets my rope here from the State of Hawaii and the island of Maui (where it seems the ropes are just a little kinkier,) Serafina and I will be reporting back here with more details, as well as our own pictures and reviews.

Here's the sum total of our orders from Maui Kink . . .

1 x Rope Sample Pack, Standard & Luxury
1 x 5MM 30ft length of Linen Rope (Special)
1 x 6MM 100ft length of UV Hemp Rope, Taped Ends (Sale)
1 x 12ft length of Black Yak (Surplus)
1 x 8MM 16ft length of Black Hemp Rope (Surplus)
1 x 8MM 30ft length of Black Hemp Rope (Surplus)
1 x 6MM 25.5ft length of Natural Jute and Linen Blend Rope (Surplus)
1 x 7ft length of Natural Alpaca Rope (Surplus)
1 x 8.5ft length of Natural Alpaca Rope (Surplus)
1 x 8.5ft length of Natural Coconut Rope (Surplus)
1 x 9.5ft length of Natural Coconut Rope (Surplus)

DISCLAIMER - and it's owners (Michael Samadhi and Serafina Samadhi) are not associated or affiliated with Maui Kink or in any manner.  We have not received any compensation or consideration in return for this posting.  
All images within this post are property of Maui Kink, and are used here for review and demonstration purposes only.


  1. Aloha and thank you for the lovely review of our ropes - hope you both enjoy the many different types. Stay knotty - Emme

  2. Aloha Emme!

    We are absolutely loving all your rope! We do plan to write up full reviews of everything, as we'll gladly recommend everything we've ever recieved from MauiKink. We are very happy customers, and there's something for everybody in my ropebag! I very much love doing ties with the black yak rope, it's bondage that comes with a built in reminder!


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