Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Not In Your Mouth

If you haven't already seen it, we've embedded a YouTube video that we consider a must view!  Sexologist Ducky Doolittle is featured in a monologue - "Not In Your Butt" - her listing of amazing objects people have had removed from their rectums.  The video is sponsored by Tantus, so there's a short plug (pardon the pun) for some Tantus butt objects at the end of the video.

It's a pretty amazing list, including a vast array of food items including apple, zucchini, onion, turnip, potato, and salami.   Also making Ducky's list were a number of bottled objects: Mrs Butterworth's syrup, peanut butter, deodorant, vaseline, and cold cream.  Perhaps the strangest item was a collectable action figure.

Today, inspired by Ms Doolittle's video, we are doing a variation of her theme.  Ours is called, "Not In Your Mouth."  Our version isn't going to feature any outrageous foreign objects.  Instead, we are going to feature a common BDSM toy designed for a submissive's mouth that is inherently unsafe . . .
The picture is from a tumblr blog called Don't Move which was recently featured on's Friday Bondage Links Cornucopia.  The image appears to originally be from  We are reproducing it here, not to pick on any photographer, site, or toymaker, but instead as an educational illustration.

We are using the picture to illustrate a common BDSM toy we consider to be inherently unsafe - the leather wrapped o-ring gag.  While the ring gag on this model looks pretty, it is far from ideal. I would never use it on Serafina.  In fact, that holds true for all leather gags.

For starters, it's very obviously a simple metal o-ring wrapped in leather. That's an effective enough design in terms of appearance and utility.  It's also very cost effective - ie cheap to make.  But, it has serious flaws in terms of health and safety for my submissive.

The leather wrapping itself is less than ideal for a number of reasons, it is also the primary reason I'd personally reject this design.  Left unwrapped, the steel o-ring is hard enough to chip tooth enamel.  The leather wrapping is used as padding to protect the submissive's teeth, so it's an essential part of the design, but it comes with it's own critical flaws.

Leather is inherently flawed as a gag material.  It cannot be be sterilized, or even effectively cleaned, after use.  Because leather is an animal hide, it is inherently porous.  Bacteria that are normally harbored in the mouth can be absorbed into the surface of the leather.

Using an alcohol wipe might eliminate some of the surface bacteria, but it's never guaranteed to get them all.  Bleach isn't an option for sterilizing a leather wrapped mouthpiece, again the porous nature of leather would leave your submissive sucking on sodium hypochlorite the next time the gag is used.  Boiling isn't exactly an option either.  In fact, any sterilizing agent or method I can imagine is likely to either destroy the leather or endanger my submissive's health.  For that reason alone . . .

It's not going into Serafina's mouth!

Leather tanning in Marrakech
The second flaw is inherent in how leather is made.  There are a number of different methods for creating leather, a process known as tanning, and all of them use chemicals I'd not personally want to suck on for any length of time. Chrome-tanned leather, for instance, is created by using chromium sulfate and other similar chromate salts. In case you weren't aware, chromium is a potentially toxic substance.  It's also a known carcinogen.

For some folks, chromium is also a pretty serious allergen. Chromates can lead to rather unpleasant skin conditions like contact dermatitis and irritant dermatitis. The worst case for these allergic reactions? They can cause skin ulceration that are sometimes referred to as "chrome ulcers."  In the absence of any other reason, the problems with chromates in the leather wrapping would be enough to make me say . . .

It's not going into Serafina's mouth!

Selection of Fiebing's Leather Dyes
Then there is the issue of dyes used to make the leather wrapping black.  Leather dyes can be water based or solvent based, and I'm not particularly thrilled at the prospect of putting an organic hide stained with solvent based dye into my submissive's mouth.

I haven't done as much research here, but I do also know that the dyes used in a number of black leathers can transfer to other objects.  Rubbery sex toys are notorious for being stained when they come in contact with black leather, and that's even true for some silicone products.  This speaks highly to the potential for some stain transfer onto my wife's mouth and tongue.  Just another reason I'd say . . .

It's not going into Serafina's mouth!

Please note that I'm not a vegan or animal activist, I have no problems with the making, or use, of leather.  Serafina and I have a number of pairs of leather wrist and ankle cuffs that we use and enjoy on a fairly regular basis.  I also enjoy leather collars and leather jackets, and we both wear leather shoes.

I've even used leather gags in past times.  I used them without a care or concern for health issues.  I own a lovely black leather gag that has a padded leather tongue that inserts into the mouth.  That gag was a favorite of mine during the 1990's, and it was used on a number of previous partners and playmates.

To the best of my recollection and knowledge, nobody ever got sick from using that gag.  But, that doesn't mean nothing bad happened, or that something bad couldn't have happened, I'll never know about that.

I wasn't armed with the same knowledge then as I have today.  And, I didn't have the same level of concern for my own or my partners health back in those days either.  I'm not proud that I used sex toys without thinking about chromates or phylates, but I'm not ashamed either.  We just didn't know any better.  That's no excuse today.  I do know better now.

Our bodies truly are our temples.  Yes, I deliberately bind and torment my darling Serafina before I worship at her temple, so to speak.  But, that doesn't mean I revere her any less,  And, I certainly have great regard for the health of my slave/goddess/wife.

One of these days, somewhere in my collection of toys, I'll find that old leather gag.  I suppose I'll hold on to it for sentimental reasons, as an educational piece, and as a bit of history.  I'll also add a picture of it here for our readers.  But, one thing for sure, now that I do know better . . .

It's not going into Serafina's mouth!

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