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Paul Collier - composer - scene music

Look after the internal environment, the external environment can do nothing but mirror it.

    --  Paul Collier (composer)
Serafina discovered Paul Collier a couple of years ago via a friend on Facebook who shared a link to his music.  She befriended Paul there on that social networking site, and began to explore his work.

My slave/wife should probably be the one writing this post, as she knows a lot more about Paul than I, but she's busy at work preparing this morning's breakfast to order, pancakes and eggs if you are interested.  Just know, she started the post and delivered the quote, and I stepped in just to complete the whole works.

I know for certain that Paul Collier is an outstanding musician/composer, his releases are excellent for meditation and ambient texture, not to mention Spiritual BDSM scenes.  Serafina tells me he's a brilliant and a visionary artist, not to mention being a good and decent man.

You can accuse me of being shallow, but the thing I find easiest to remember about Mr Collier is his hometown.  He hails from "Stoke on Trent" in the UK, a name guaranteed to generate smirks, snorts and/or giggles from adolescent minded individuals with juvenile senses of humor.  Meaning the guys who read this are likely smirking and some gals might be scowling just a bit . . .

Paul's music feels "ethereal" to me, if I had to choose a singe word descriptive.  He describes himself as:
An unsigned composer of relaxing instrumentals and emotional movie score type music.
Where Paul goes on to describe himself and his music, he says:
My only aim with my music is to help spread peace. Therefore monetary needs fall behind that purpose. You will never see anything upsetting/of an adult nature/violent with my music . . . 
While the personal association of his music with Spiritual BDSM might not be exactly to Paul's personal taste, and certainly what we discuss here is adult and could be upsetting to some individuals who misunderstand the context and goals of our practice, we want to be clear that we are anything but violent.

Bondage and discipline may appear to be "real violence" to the uninitiated, just as children might misinterpret a glance at adult lovemaking as an act of violence.  In both cases, the appearance and the reality of the situation are two completely different things.  I believe Mr Collier would be enlightened enough to understand the subtleties and differences in context, and we do certainly hope that he is not offended by the connection we find with his music and our personal practice of Spiritual BDSM.

As I've stated, Paul Collier's music is generally quieter, and more peaceful, than other scene music I usually recommend.  It's certainly always well suited to be used as a background for starting (warm up) or completing (cool down - aftercare) any kind of BDSM session.

It's also well suited for entire scenes when the intent is to create a peaceful or contemplative mood / environment, and I find it very effective in creating a calm and contemplative mood for a more solemn styles of play.  Paul Collier's music is perfect for those times when our blend of BDSM and Tantra is focused more strongly on the Tantric aspects.

If you prefer music with a hard driving beat to power your BDSM sessions, or if you are looking for something dark, then you likely won't find Collier's music to your taste.  It's never going to inspire visions of vampires, dark rituals, or Gothic dungeons.  His music isn't going to provide a strong rhythm for a flogging, or even a powerful fucking.

What Paul Collier's music is going to provide is soft, contemplative and often uplifting.  Looking to feel, or make your submissive feel, as though they are floating on a cloud in a dream?  Then look no further!  Want to hold your lover tight in your arms and drift off to sleep after an extended flogging, floating on the music and your own wave of endorphins?  This is the stuff.

Here are a number of links where our friends and readers can learn more about Paul and explore his music for themselves:

Paul Collier's Website
About Paul Collier
Paul Collier You Tube
Free Paul Collier Music
Paul Collier Downloads
Paul Collier Facebook

DISCLAIMER - and it's owners (Michael Samadhi and Serafina Samadhi) are not associated or affiliated with Paul Collier in any manner.  We have not received any compensation or consideration in return for this posting.


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