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affiliate link - JT's Stockroom - vendor review

Stockroom Spiritual BDSM is now a proud affiliate of JT's Stockroom!

Purchases made after clicking the banner/link to your right (or below) won't cost you anything more, but Serafina and I will get a little commission from your purchase.  What a nice way to show your appreciation for the information and resources we provide!

We consider lovemaking and BDSM to be aspects of our own spiritual practice and journey.  That makes our choice of affiliates a matter of significant personal importance.  We aren't about to mix commerce and our spirituality in a manner that could reflect poorly on our practice, or ourselves.

Serafina and I aren't the kind of people who will add an affiliate link without having first hand experience with the vendor's products and service.  That's a matter of personal pride for me, as well as being a practice which guarantees readers we aren't simply flogging products (excuse the pun) for personal gain.

We are very familiar with's products and customer service, having made multiple purchases there over the years.  Taking a moment to look at our order history, Serafina and I have made several purchases there within the last year, a testament itself to our satisfaction with the Stockroom's sales and service.

Like Captain Renault in the movie Casablanca, the Stockroom can, "Round up the usual suspects!"  They offer a great array of standard BDSM toys: collars and cuffs; vibrators, butt-plugs and dildos; as well as paddles, whips and floggers.

The quality of those basic BDSM products seems to range from average to outstanding.  As with most things in life, you get what you pay for, so it's still important to carefully read descriptions and study product pictures if you want really great gear, but it's certainly there to be found at

But, believe it or not, those basic/standard BDSM devices are not why we usually shop at JT's Stockroom.  Before I'd even met Serafina, I'd already collected a great supply of leather gear.  We have more collars and cuffs here than we should ever realistically need or use.  Certainly none of that gear should ever be in danger of wearing out during our lifetime.

Instead, what makes the special for us is the more unique products they offer.  Earlier this year, at the start of our summer, we purchased a nice selection of PES electrical toys from  Late summer found us purchasing a "Pig Sling with Stirrups," a wonderful sex sling constructed from 42oz black vinyl-coated polyester fabric.

The Stockroom is also having a huge Thanksgiving and Black Friday sale which goes on through the rest of this weekend.  Meaning, I couldn't resist purchasing another order of goodies to go under the tree at Christmas.

Some of the items in the order are intended as a surprise for Serafina, she may not know what they are until I unveil them during play.  But, for sizing purposes, one of the items required the use of a tape measure this morning.

With that in mind, there's no surprise to ruin when I tell you Serafina's going to be wearing a Bolero Straitjacket like the one worn by the model in both banners featured in this post.

I didn't need Santa to tell me she's been a very good girl this year!


  1. Well, it's all those spankings that keep me in line. . .


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