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exemplary actions

We've started discussing some of the side issues regarding personal health and BDSM in previous posts here at the SpiritualBDSM blog.  Issues our community faces include but are not limited to: the common use of hazardous chemicals such as phylates in dildos and vibrators, the unsafe nature of leather toys for internal use, the many problems inherent in products made in China, as well as the age old issue that all non-monogamous humans must face - sexually transmitted disease.

Although I always do my best to make blog entries here interesting, these aren't especially engaging topics.  None of these are sexy to think about.  For sure, nobody is going to masturbate to thoughts on these topics.  Not to mention that they are not very likely to draw new readers to our blog.  In fact, these topics are likely to alienate readers looking for more titillating postings about the very exciting aspects of BDSM.

So why write these kind of posts?  Why not just write about the fun and exciti…

affiliate link - JT's Stockroom - vendor review

Spiritual BDSM is now a proud affiliate of JT's Stockroom!

Purchases made after clicking the banner/link to your right (or below) won't cost you anything more, but Serafina and I will get a little commission from your purchase.  What a nice way to show your appreciation for the information and resources we provide!

We consider lovemaking and BDSM to be aspects of our own spiritual practice and journey.  That makes our choice of affiliates a matter of significant personal importance.  We aren't about to mix commerce and our spirituality in a manner that could reflect poorly on our practice, or ourselves.

Serafina and I aren't the kind of people who will add an affiliate link without having first hand experience with the vendor's products and service.  That's a matter of personal pride for me, as well as being a practice which guarantees readers we aren't simply flogging products (excuse the pun) for personal gain.

We are very familiar with…

it's big and it's black - must be Friday - SALE! SALE! SALE!

I'm not sure if the phenomena occurs in the rest of the world, but here in the USA the Friday after Thanksgiving is the biggest shopping day of the year, and it's called Black Friday.  Retail stores all across the land usually reserve this day for their biggest sales events, opening their doors in the middle of the night, hoping to attract as many customers as possible for themselves.  It sounds like a cliche, but in this case it is also true - the tough economy this year has made the competition even more fierce than normal.

That is a very good thing for shoppers.

Although the majority of sex toy purchases are made online, rather than from a brick and mortar retail locations, adult toy makers are certainly getting in on the Black Friday frenzy in a big way.  All week long my email in-box has been inundated with sales announcements, and most of the sales include the biggest discounts I've seen this year.

Here is a brief sampling of great savings opportunities from vendor…

happy Thanksgiving . . .

Happy Thanksgiving to all our friends, both new and old, near and far.

Not In Your Mouth

If you haven't already seen it, we've embedded a YouTube video that we consider a must view!  Sexologist Ducky Doolittle is featured in a monologue - "Not In Your Butt" - her listing of amazing objects people have had removed from their rectums.  The video is sponsored by Tantus, so there's a short plug (pardon the pun) for some Tantus butt objects at the end of the video.

It's a pretty amazing list, including a vast array of food items including apple, zucchini, onion, turnip, potato, and salami.   Also making Ducky's list were a number of bottled objects: Mrs Butterworth's syrup, peanut butter, deodorant, vaseline, and cold cream.  Perhaps the strangest item was a collectable action figure.

Today, inspired by Ms Doolittle's video, we are doing a variation of her theme.  Ours is called, "Not In Your Mouth."  Our version isn't going to feature any outrageous foreign objects.  Instead, we are going to feature a common BDSM toy designe…

what is hepatitis? . REALLY??

Today's topic is not a comfortable one for general conversation.  Perhaps that makes the post even more important in the educational sense, even if it's not especially fun or sexy to write.  It's time to tackle a growing health threat that might not commonly be considered a sexually transmitted disease, although it certainly can be spread through sexual activity.  The topic is viral hepatitis.

STDs are a subject that carry a certain personal poignancy.  Back in the 1930's, my paternal Grandfather suffered from the same sexually transmitted disease as infamous mobster Al Capone.  Grandpa Eugene had Neurosyphilis, an infection of the brain or spinal cord that occurs in people who have had untreated syphilis for many years. Eugene died in a sanatorium from the disease, an unpleasant reminder that modern illnesses like HIV aren't the first sexually transmitted diseases that can become life threatening.

Let us start with a disclaimer of sorts - This post is about communi…

vendor - Naturally Twisted Co

Shibari/KinbakuShibari and Kinbaku are both words steeped in the history and customs of Japan.  On a more personal level, Japanese style rope bondage is a beautiful and satisfying art to practice. The core of Kinbaku is the connection between the rigger and the model, the attitude of the rigger, the type of tie and a thousand little things all contribute to the sense of connection.
    -- While Naturally Twisted makes and sells premium jute rope for Shibari / Kinbaku, they really offer more than mere rope.

Naturally Twisted is also a resource for almost anyone learning or studying the wonderful art of Japanese style bondage.

For some folks, the rope is what matters, and we wrote Naturally Twisted's wonderful jute rope up a while back.  This post will be focused more on our experiences with the company as a vendor, although we certainly won't forget the rope.  We will also take a quick look at some of the many resources offered on the sit…

Yak it up . . .

I have a new love . . .

No, I'm not forsaking Serafina . . .

No, we haven't decided to join the rest of the BDSM and Tantric worlds and become polyamorists . . .

Actually, I have to confess, I'm in love with an inanimate object . . .

No, I'm not talking about a Fleshlight or Tenga Egg either . . .

Then - "What is my new love?" - you ask . . .  

I've discovered a tremendous affinity for something exotic.

Black Yak rope from Maui Kink.

It's a Tibetan Yak rope, made from the coarse outer hairs that the yak produces to keep warm at high altitude.

My love for this rope is not unlike Homer Simpson's feelings for bacon.  It elicits shudders of joy.  It starts my mouth watering.

marriage, life, and the universe

A woman who has never been hit by a man has never been loved.

    -- Zsa Zsa Gabor Back on the last day of October, we included a quote from Zsa Zsa Gabor here at SpiritualBDSM - "Personally I know nothing about sex because I have always been married."  Not exactly a flattering statement about those of us who wear rings on our fingers.

As I commented a few days back, in a brief little note called - "about all those quotes . . ." - the quotations we post here at our virtual home are not always intended to be taken at face value.  The quote about sexless marriages was included because Serafina was previously in that situation.  She divorced a partner who had little interest in anything at all, and an especially critical lack of interest in any kind of lovemaking.

With that said, anyone who knows Serafina and myself at all, knows that we have a good measure of respect for the institution of marriage.  And of course, they should know that we also have lots of sex.  Here…

preview of coming attractions - Maui Kink

I've always known that Serafina was a bit of a "rope slut" but had never pictured myself as the type who'd become so very interested in collecting rope of varying exotic materials.  Up until a few years ago I was pretty well satisfied with just a few lengths of white nylon rope.  With that said, I can't imagine going back either, I'm loving the variety available in natural fiber ropes, and, I'm looking forward to adding more.

Not to be counting our chickens before they hatch, but it's hard to contain the excitement we are feeling for the impending delivery of some significant additions to our rope bag.  We're expecting to add a wide variety of interesting and exotic rope from the nice folks at Maui Kink.

We are actually expecting a combination of three orders, one that was lost by the US Postal Service, combined with two other orders we made in quick succession to take advantage of their recent Bondage & Shibari Rope Surplus Sale.

The purchas…

Paul Collier - composer - scene music

Look after the internal environment, the external environment can do nothing but mirror it.

    --  Paul Collier (composer)Serafina discovered Paul Collier a couple of years ago via a friend on Facebook who shared a link to his music.  She befriended Paul there on that social networking site, and began to explore his work.

My slave/wife should probably be the one writing this post, as she knows a lot more about Paul than I, but she's busy at work preparing this morning's breakfast to order, pancakes and eggs if you are interested.  Just know, she started the post and delivered the quote, and I stepped in just to complete the whole works.

I know for certain that Paul Collier is an outstanding musician/composer, his releases are excellent for meditation and ambient texture, not to mention Spiritual BDSM scenes.  Serafina tells me he's a brilliant and a visionary artist, not to mention being a good and decent man.

You can accuse me of being shallow, but the thing I find easi…

The Rocks Cry Out!

Here at the Samadhi home we invite you to join us in watching a series “How The Earth Was Made.” Like many others we have been finding ways to cut back the amount of spending and one way of doing that is to cut out the cable and watch Netflicks who offer a nice array of documentaries, comedy, movies, etc.
We carefully chose the name Spiritual BDSM for our blog. Spirituality , in fact encompasses our entire lifestyle and it colors and shades everything we do, all we are, and incorporates all aspects of thought and being. We see the Hand of The Divine in music, in weather and in nature and space alike.  In this series we explore Iceland, the Grand Canyon, Swiss Alps, tsunami's, earthquakes, Yellowstone, and many other places. The one thing that connects them all is when they look for answers, they invariably look to the rocks for answers, and if the looker knows what they are seeing the answers lie there, clearly speaking.

There are over 50 forty-five minute clips and as we were wat…

What is Forniphilia?

Have you ever had a partner, or perhaps a friend, kneel on the floor while you use them as a footstool?  It's  not a terribly unusual behavior if you really stop and think about it.

For instance, I've observed children taking part in this activity in both a Doctor's and a Dentist's office.  The children were quite innocent in their play, and their own Mother's didn't even seem to take note in their unselfconscious child's play, at least not unless they notice me observing the kids at play.

It seems that if a stranger notices the kids using each other as footstools, it's suddenly a bit embarrassing for Mom.  The children are quickly scolded and put back into chairs.

Using someone as a footstool is a mild but pretty good example of a BDSM activity known as Forniphilia.

I'm not really surprised to find children playing games of this sort.  A good number of individuals who partake in bondage activities with their partners can recount childhood games o…