Monday, October 17, 2011

who's getting blown?

Sounds like a loaded question doesn't it?

Perhaps it's more of a pun this time, I'm not sure.

The one thing I do know, is that the beautiful hand blown glass dildo - the Staccato - I ordered exactly one month ago today from hasn't been blown yet.

Here's the email I got breaking the news earlier today :
Good afternoon Mr. Samadhi,
We just received our shipment from the glass blowers who hand blow our glass products. Regrettably the Staccato was not included in the shipment. We have already gotten in touch with them to handblow the Staccato pieces we need for customers, but unfortunately it will be at least another 2 weeks until we can get them in the warehouse. I am deeply sorry for this delay and the frustration and inconvenience it must be causing.
Customer service concluded letter with standard boilerplate text about contacting them with any further questions or concerns.

I'm not exactly thrilled at this turn of events, no victory jig here tonight.  But, it's hard to be upset with a company who has been good to us.

We've very much enjoyed the gear we've accumulated over the last few months, their delivery times are usually outstanding, the various shapes and pieces of foam furniture we've added to our future fungeon decor are well made and versatile.

In terms of the exclusive glass offered by Liberator, I guess Serafina will just have to "settle" for being teased, tormented, and invaded by the Vincent Glass Dildo.  That's the dildo that was in stock when I placed my order back in September.  Unlike the Staccato, we've been enjoying it for several weeks already.

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