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In the BDSM community a submissive's collar is a very potent and meaningful symbol.

Some would equate the collar's meaning as being similar to a wedding ring in significance.  It could be argued that a submissive's collar is, in fact, more significant than a wedding band, as it signals a level of commitment far beyond what is experienced or expected in most traditional marriages.

So why is it that wedding bands are made to be a permanent symbol of a couple's love, but there's no similar standard for the collars that adorn a submissive?

When will we see collars that reflect the importance of their symbolism, with an equal measure of permanence, beauty, and quality in their construction?

Yes, I've discovered there is a real answer to what previously would have been rhetorical questions.  The answer is - Wyred Slave.

The fine folks over at Wyred Slave produce slave collars that are both beautiful and permanent.  Just like a wedding band, a Wyred Slave Collar can be worn everyday, all the time.  Their collars look great, lock securely, and are still discrete enough to wear out and about in front of family, neighbors, and friends.

Did I mention that Wyred Slave collars are also made of hypoallergenic materials?  Yes, that is true too.

We really have discovered a beautiful collar that's not afraid of showers and shampoos.  It won't discolor, or corrode.  Those are not details to be overlooked lightly, especially for an individual like my Serafina who's skin reacts poorly with most metals.  

We are talking uber cool slave collars . . .

So, here's the Wyred Slave story in their own words:
Wyred Slave is run by a life-style couple who have many combined years experience in our chosen world.
Wyred Slave started life when we searched thoroughly but failed to find a collar to suit our needs.  We were looking for a locking metal collar that not only didn't cost a mortgage payment, but if it was affordable didn't then fall apart within minutes.
It had to not only look good and be functional as a collar, but also be discrete enough to wear on a daily basis in front of family and friends.
Finally it also had to be kind to skin and not bring out a nasty rash when worn for long periods of time... I usually only have to look at some metals and can react badly! 
Obviously we struggled... so we made one of our own.
We realised there must be other people out there looking for the same thing... so we started with the basic criteria: good looking, affordable, wearable designs that have an excellent reputation for being well-made.... and up to the job.
The first collar design to be made was the 4mm Plain Band... which was picked up by one of our (now) regular customers who showed it to a southern lifestyle company called Him n Hers.
They liked the product so much they ordered some for their website. 
At that point we didn't even have a business name let alone a name for the range despite them already selling on ebay and through word of mouth.
After much discussion and a spark of creativity we decided to call ourselves Wyred Slave. The wyred is two-fold... our original design was using metal rope - or wire - and we live on the Wyre Coast - so here we are

The couple that are Wyred Slave, Jason and Lorii, are a true joy to work with when making a purchase.

A metal collar of this sort is a piece of precision jewelry, proper fit is essential, and it was very clear from our own shopping experience that Lorii will check and double check an order's details to make sure it is 100% correct before it goes to Jason's workbench.

In addition to a number of different styles of collars, Wyred Slave also offers wrist and ankle cuffs, as well as beautiful waist belts, that are a perfect match for their collars.

Want a matching leash or lead?  They make those too.

There's even a line of delicately engraved items, presentation tins, and other accessories, all of it very beautiful, custom designed, and made to order.

Wyred Slave may be located in the U.K., but international orders aren't any problem either.  A good percentage of their business comes from "across the pond", so they are experienced and efficient in shipping orders to the U.S. and worldwide.

Serafina absolutely loves her Wyred Slave collar.  We put it on for a test fit three months ago, and it never made it back off of her neck until she had to travel internationally last week.  Not knowing how authorities might react to an item that can't easily be removed, she reluctantly removed the collar.

Now, before I lock it back around her neck, I can have my slave/wife shoot some of our own pictures to accompany it's upcoming toychest review here at Spiritual BDSM.

DISCLAIMER - Michael and Serafina Samadhi are not associated or affiliated with Wyred Slave in any manner, shape, or form.  We have not, and do not expect to receive any compensation or consideration in return for this posting.  We are simply satisfied customers who wish to share our experiences with friends and readers of this blog.  

All images associated with this post are property of Wyred Slave.  Images are used here for demonstration and review purposes only.


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