Saturday, October 15, 2011

Spiritual BDSM on the Interwebs

Would you'd like to learn even more about our exploration of Spiritual BDSM?

Perhaps you want to share more of our journey through love, devotion and surrender?

Can't get enough of Michael and Serafina? (this one could easily tip into unhealthy obsession - been there done that - just don't go there, ok?)

Our friends and family, as well as assorted acquaintances, former lovers, buddies, pals, girlfriends, boyfriends,  and last but certainly not least, our readers (really anybody but one of our stalkers - you know who you are) are all welcome to keep up with  the folks behind wherever we have a presence on these wonderful Interwebs.

We are doing our best to make that easy . . .
  1. Spiritual BDSM on Tumblr
  2. Spiritual BDSM on Twitter
  3. Spiritual BDSM Facebook Page
  4. Michael Samadhi on Facebook
  5. Serafina Samadhi on Facebook
  6. Spiritual BDSM on Picasa
Now please realize that I'm an old geezer, having turned two score and eight years of age earlier this year, so some of this newfangled technology is still a little bit foreign.  That's much more the case for Twitter than it is for Facebook, Picasa or Tumblr.  

Facebook I know too well.  I got talked into playing Mafia Wars on Facebook back when the game was first released.  It took me a while before I realized what a tremendous waste of time that game can become, I had a character built up to level 2000+.   Eventually, realizing I'd never write if I continued to play, I swore off Mafia Wars and deleted the account.  

C'est la guerre!

Tumblr is intuitive even for the technologically challenged, I've got no real problems there either.  For months now I've been following the Gucci Slut and Lil' Miss Spanky Pants and a couple of other tumbloggers.  

Picasa is automatically linked to my original blogger account, so that part of the setup couldn't be easier.  I do feel a little chagrined to admit, however, that it took me a month of blogging before I realized Picasa was where my blogger pictures were being uploaded, or that I already had an account there. Doh!

Although the majority of words are obviously enough in my native tongue, theoretically that is English, some posts on Twitter are beyond simple intuitive comprehension.  When it seems like every fifth letter is an @ or a # - that's when I start to zone out and go into Charlie Brown mode - "Blah blah blah blah, blah blah blah, BLAH!"

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