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Toy Review - Icicles #12

Another package arrived at the Samadhi Home. . it was simply and securely packaged.  When opened, it revealed this outstanding beauty.

I first saw this at a local adult store priced around $70.  It was the first store of that kind I'd ever visited, and a lot of what we saw was trash or junk.

This piece really stood out.

I fell in love with it's delicate color and style!  Beautiful enough to sit in a curio cabinet.  Who would ever think this is a dildo?


Being glass, this treasure has clear stem with pink unopened rose tip.  The coloring is so subtle, it will pick up surrounding shades, giving it a new look in every room.

Icicles No.12 has lovely bumps that flow down to a flared level base.  It stands upright on it's own.  The glass is totally silky smooth.

Naturally, being glass, there's no flexibility to it.  Run it under hot water or set in a tall cup, or cool it in a fridge to increase sensation.  I am aware some even place it in a freezer.

Although Pyrex glass is as safe as can be found, there is a small chance glass could explode when contacted with a liquid, something like a wet waiting pussy.

I'm also a bit concerned about the possibility of a "freeze burn" on delicate tissue like my inner labia, therefore I would personally avoid inserting solidly frozen toys, and advise you do the same.

MATERIAL:   Pyrex glass
MATERIAL SAFETY:  smooth texture will not cut or abrade. will last a life-time
TEXTURE:   Smooth
CARE:  Wipe, wash, bleach or alcohol to clean, Anti-bacterial property / Food-grade material / Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Non-porous / Phthalates free


Length:         7 3/4"
Insertable length: 7 1/2"
Circumference:  4 3/4"
Diameter:       1 1/2"
Weight:         13oz
Price range:   $30  to  + $66 USA

It fits comfortably in your anatomy – considering there's no give to glass, that's a good thing. The very beautiful rose colored tip features a reasonably sized bulge, just enough to be satisfying.

This handmade rose will never wilt, and you should engage it in all it's beauty.

It certainly has earned a spot in our home!

Master Michael says:
Serafina loves glass dildos.
When we first saw this one, I did tease her that it would be suitable for display on a fireplace mantle, and I'm guessing that the spot it has earned in our home is likely in a curio cabinet.
I like the thought of having one of our toys on display in plain sight.
Like Serafina's collar, this is something that I believe "passes" in the vanilla world.  The uninitiated would have no idea of it's actually intended purpose.  That's pretty unique and cool.
I usually won't consider products produced by Pipedreams, as I very much prefer to shop smaller niche vendors where I honestly believe the quality and value are superior.  I'm also not a fan of toys like the 36DD Mega Masturbator.  If that's your kind of thing, you and Pipedreams will get along just fine.
I actually purchased this as a surprise for Serafina from  I know she had admired it on our one visit to a local adult video center, so I've had it in the back of my mind as an easy present for a few months.
I also wanted to compare this relatively inexpensive glass, to premium glass like the Vincent from  That comparison will be the subject of a future review here at
DISCLAIMER - and it's owners (Michael Samadhi and Serafina Samadhi) are not associated or affiliated with Pipedreams or in any manner.  We have not received any compensation or consideration in return for this posting.  
All images within this post are property of - © 2011 Serafina Samadhi. 


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