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Serafina's slave assignments

My darling slave/wife,

Begin by remembering the conversations we've had about the male from the Caribbean dance group you once saw, and then make a post here describing that event to the best of your ability.

Make sure to recall your feelings and personal reactions, including the arousal that his manner, actions, bearing, appearance, and style evoked.

thank you my love,
Master Michael
Dearest Master,
One day I was walking in a busy mall with my children. It was a very bustling place and the mall often provided entertainment to attract even more shoppers. The malls there are very large. . Mega-malls that take up many city blocks even. There were school choirs in one part, and eventually we came upon a group of Caribbean drum interpretation dancers.
It seemed to be a family group, with various ages. The little girls were so cute with their coconut shell bra-like tops and grass and floral skirts; each one moving and interpreting the drum-beats in a personal dance. The drummers would play enthusiasticly, at times with higher fast notes that made the girls whirl and bob. The girls were at times joined by the beautiful and sexy young ladies.
They had set up their show not far from an indoor fountain so the combination of rustling grasses, exotic drumming and dancers could whisk one away to faraway lands. Most of the young men were engaged as drummers.
They took a little break but many of the crowd was hoping to see more and being at the very front by the rope, I was crow-locked in with my kids, but not unhappy at all, and in no hurry to leave. I was watching the master drummer, a heavy-set very dark skinned man. He stood up and whispered a few instructions to the junior drummers and moved to the dance floor.
Drums and percussion are very dear to me, and rhythm has always been a strong part of who I am. I remember my mom had very little tolerance for my incessant patterns which I thumped out on any available surface.
The drums erupted into a strong rift and when the master drummer danced his movements were also very powerful and his size did not detract, but added impact. I could feel his sexual energy as he moved, and I was pretty sure I was getting wet panties. He did not say a word but he let me know that in no uncertain terms that he was sure of himself. . no. . he was very sure of his power.
It blew my mind the way he had singled me out and it was as if he was creating his dance purely for my benefit for that exact moment. I felt his power penetrating to the depths of my core, even though I had never met or known him, I felt as though I could melt. Excitement was running up and down my arms and legs, and came to roost in my clit.
As memorable that brief moment was, nothing can compare to the presence Master Samadhi. He is able to cast a spell of pure ecstasy on me, and for him I truly do melt. I have given him the key to my heart and I have the one to his. My desire is to love and honor him in every day in all things. If I fail in even a small way it breaks my confidence and composure so completely that I feel unworthy.
Of course when I feel that way it does not please Master, for he does not set out to make me feel inadequate.   He desires a woman who is confident and happy. He doesn’t expect me to be absolutely perfect in everything, because he is also aware of his own short-comings.
We are perfect for each other, our love runs very deep.
you have my love, devotion and surrender,
your Serafina

My darling Serafina,

Your written description probably exceeds your prior verbal description in terms of the detail of your own feelings. That is very good because I intend to explore to your core and beyond.

I do also appreciate that you've always opened yourself, your heart and soul, to me without any real reservation. So I attribute your written description surpassing the verbal to your slight sense of shyness and the upbringing that has made it a little difficult for you to say words like clit, or to speak about how your panties grew wet.

I do agree with you that we are perfect for each other and that our love runs very deep. I am both honored and excited by the depth and devotion of the submission you have shown me.

With that said, the assignment did not request great peans to the presence of Master Samadhi. While I appreciate the devotion and honor you give me, that was not a part of the assignment and therefore you receive no special consideration for the last three paragraphs of the submitted assignment.

FOLLOW UP - before this assignment is complete, I'll ask that you also answer the following questions: 

1. explain more fully how you felt when he was done dancing . . . were your legs rubbery? - did you have trouble concentrating? - was it hard at all to turn and walk away? 

2. we haven't yet covered any of your prior sexual experiences - but without going into great background detail, please explain if this incident increased your dissatisfaction with having a partner unable to rouse any excitement and unwilling to help pleasure anyone but himself? Did it influence your later search for a more sexually compatible partner?

Dearest Master,
Thank you for the opportunity to answer you more completely.
QUESTION 1...My legs did not get rubbery, however I did get a delicious sensation that is like an electric charge that starts in my neck and travels everywhere. Kind of like a static charge in slow motion. That sensation is so rare that I can only remember a half-dozen times in my life-time getting those. Trouble is, those ELECTRIC sensations are so delicious and come only on very unique occasions. In a sense it was difficult to walk away from the source of those sensations.
QUESTION 2. . . . . I had been dried out sexually, so for many years I agreed with a few other sexless married women, and like them I had concluded that sex was not a necessary or vital part of living.. The difficult part was more that a situation like that awoke that desire.
my love for you is eternal,

Thank you slut!  Consider this assignment complete.

Master Michael Samadhi 10-3-2011


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