Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Real Sex Toy Reviews

I read only real sex toy reviewsThere were a number of things that motivated my sweet Serafina and I to become sex bloggers, among them our desire to share our experiences with adult toys and pleasure tools.  While we may not want to personally direct our friends, family, and co-workers to the good stuff, our online efforts can actually help an even wider circle of people.

As a part of accomplishing that goal, we are announcing today that we are now participants at Real Sex Toy Reviews.  You may have already noticed the new graphic up in the right hand corner of SpritualBDSM.com, asserting that we are now a Certified Real Sex Toy Reviewer, an accolade we are proud to wear.

The thinking behind Real Sex Toy Reviews (RSTR) is help assure than sex toy consumers are getting more than just a stock picture and some tired ad copy in a so called "review."  There is money to be made in the sex toy trade, it's a multi-billion dollar industry worldwide.  And, it's an industry where the government has imposed little regulatory influence, meaning that unscrupulous vendors hyping heavily marked up junk to the uninitiated or unknowing can have absolutely enormous profit margins.

That's where RSTR comes in, they require participants to post their own images and make real meaningful reviews.  Here's how the directions are worded on the site's registration page:
Participating reviewer on real sex toy reviews
Do you write real sex toy reviews and wish to be on our participating reviewer list?
Just grab one of our Participating Reviewer Buttons and put it on your site.
After it is up just fill out the small form below and we will take a peek at your site.
If your site has reviews of sex toys that include images or video that is obviously original and not taken from the manufacturers or resellers advertising image stock we will list you as a participating reviewer.
To be certified, you first have to be a participant, and then you have to provide proof positive that you are indeed a unique individual.  It's not a difficult process, but it would seem to work well in assuring readers that participating and certified sites are offer reviews of real adult toys (not just ad copy) by real individuals (not some marketing person who's only intent is profit.)

We always try and go that extra step for our readers, whether it's adding a disclaimer to our own reviews clearly stating any affiliation etc., or joining the Real Sex Toy Review Program.  It's actually a matter of pride for me.

After all, if I'm going to require outstanding awareness, service and attention from my sweet slave/wife Serafina, than I have to, at the very least, be similarly attentive and aware myself.  And, while it's doubtful I'd ever share the services of my Serafina in a physical context, I do love sharing her here.

So, we are very real, and we are here to serve our readers, at least in a virtual sense.  We hope to provide an entertaining and meaningful experience that may make our readers both laugh and wince, and hopefully will leave some better educated too.

And now we are certified . . .

Certified real sex toy reviews

Ya can't beat that with a stick (we say use a ratan cane instead!)

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