Saturday, October 15, 2011

Liberator asks "Can Sex Become Your Spiritual Practice?"

We are big fans of the foam shapes and sex furniture offered by the folks at

We really just discovered their products earlier this year, but it's been an intense relationship.  The joke around Samadhi House is that the UPS delivery man visited so often this summer that he knocked down his own path through the grass in our front yard.

There's also a blog at, it's one of the better "company" blogs we've seen, with a few of the posts being outstanding.  A couple days back a real gem was posted, here's how the article begins:
Can Sex Become Your Spiritual Practice?
Sexual expression is essential to living a balanced life. The grand variety of ways to express and interact sexually is limitless and all are welcome so long as it does not infringe on the wellbeing of all involved.
From there the posting goes on to briefly mention a number of Tantric practices, all of which foster intimacy and awaken sexual desires.

The message is all quite wonderful, a mirror of our own beliefs.  It wasn't a giant leap to go from believing in sacred sex to embracing BDSM as yet another intimate and sacred activity.
When approached with honor and reverence we allow ourselves to tap into a new dimension of intimacy. What happens when we choose to participate in conscious union and begin to weave our energy, incorporating breath, dance and clear intentions? Can this be the way we were intended to pray?
Serafina may have consciously decided to follow the path of surrender, but that diminishes her in no way, it makes her no less wise.  I value her wisdom and insight, and I'll never forget how, not long after we first met, she explained to me that she saw Cathedrals in wonderful scenic vistas we had viewed, in deep old growth forests, in the mountains and valleys where we had traveled.

At that moment, we were driving through a wonderful old Canadian forest, surrounded by ancient trees.  I enthusiastically agreed.

I always could feel the spirit of God more easily in wild places than I could in most grand Cathedral.  To my eyes the Grand Canyon, where I lived for a year in my 20's, was much more God's house than any edifice built through the labor of man, no matter how grand that construct might be.

Interestingly, the more I've embraced a Trantric viewpoint, the easier it is to find God's hand.

I see a temple every night, and I enter that temple every chance I get.

Serafina is my temple now.

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