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Dungeon Decor - remodelling in progress

We are literally under construction here at Samadhi House.

When most folks announce that on their website it means they are working on their site, but I've never been most folks . . .

The lovely Serafina and myself, on the other hand, are busy actually remodeling and redecorating some of our living and play space. Even more exciting, at the same time, plans being made for some more major renovations within a couple of years.

The long term vision includes at least two dedicated dungeon "fungeon" spaces on two separate floors of our home, a built in cage, a full cell, not to mention several points for suspension bondage built into the house's frame. Oh yes, I'm throwing in a dedicated art studio workshop for my slave/wife's other hobbies. The workshop will have more than 250 square feet of floor space and it's own dedicated ventilation and climate control, but I'm guessing you aren't here to read about art studio design!

The main focus of our most recent work is the "play" bedroom, a place where the BDSM decor actually includes a bed. The room itself is your standard 12' x 11' guest bedroom The basic furniture is made up of a few quality pieces (10 year warranty) purchased a few years back. Although made in the U.S., they are what might be considered to be "Scandinavian design" - the company bills itself as producing modular designer grade furniture.

The furniture's primary aesthetic attribute is very clean modern design. Almost everything is made from from high density laminate particle board, making it all easily pervertable. With that said, the only significant modifications to the bed are some attachment points to the interior of the frame. No real surprises there, just a simple adaptation to facilitate bondage.

Right now I've got a pair of matching nightstands in the room by the same manufacturer as the bed. While all of our other home renovations are still underway, this room will be our primary play space, so it must also serve to store my extensive collection of adult toys.

Without going off on too much of a tangent, I must say that I've collected far more than my share of leather gear. While not quite reaching the proportions of a professional dungeon, it's far more than I really need, so having some storage space is an absolute necessity, and the pair of nightstands will help hold the gear, at least for now . . .

For portable storage, we recently added a rolling toy trunk from For Your Nymphomation. It's really a beautiful piece of luggage, perverted for toy storage of course, with more than enough space for normal toy collections. We will be adding a detailed review of the rolling toy trunk here very soon.

I'm also also perverting a tall but shallow storage cabinet, originally designed to hold DVD and CD cases. In our playroom, it will serve for hanging my collection of floggers. I don't know that we've taken any pictures to detail the construction, but it's a pretty straight forward project that anyone could recreate with just a little time and effort.

That's the current happenings here, thanks for staying tuned . . .


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