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Review - Clauss Professional Titanium Safety Shears

"For those who live their craft."™  When most folks think of sex toys, they would usually envision things like vibrators and dildos.  If they come from the kinky side of the tracks like Serafina and myself, they might think of a lot of other items too.  People associate things like leather and latex, rope, restraints, blindfolds, hoods and corsets with BDSM, and certainly those are all common components of the experience.  But, when I think about it, the complete BDSM toybox has room for an almost endless array of items.

As an example, I'll include a short but far from inclusive list of impact toys: floggers, cats, canes, rods, paddles, crops, straps, belts, tawses, quirts, hairbrushes, spoons, spatulas, swatters, and of course the classic - whips.  As I said, that list is far from being totally inclusive.  And, every one of those items has a number of types and variants.  All the little distinctions really do matter to the true aficionado.

Even with all of that toybag d…

certified certifiable

It was just announced.

We have moved from being certifiable to being officially certified . . .

Real Sex Toy Reviews

There were a number of things that motivated my sweet Serafina and I to become sex bloggers, among them our desire to share our experiences with adult toys and pleasure tools.  While we may not want to personally direct our friends, family, and co-workers to the good stuff, our online efforts can actually help an even wider circle of people.

As a part of accomplishing that goal, we are announcing today that we are now participants at Real Sex Toy Reviews.  You may have already noticed the new graphic up in the right hand corner of, asserting that we are now a Certified Real Sex Toy Reviewer, an accolade we are proud to wear.

The thinking behind Real Sex Toy Reviews (RSTR) is help assure than sex toy consumers are getting more than just a stock picture and some tired ad copy in a so called "review."  There is money to be made in the sex toy trade, it's a multi-billion dollar industry worldwide.  And, it's an industry where the government has imposed …

Made in China Redux

A brief ten days ago I wrote up a little essay expressing my dismay to have discovered that a major high end vibrator and toy maker is producing their products in country known for human rights violations, and also has a history of producing and exporting goods tainted with toxins - Made In China.

Although at the time I didn't name names, the manufacturer I was talking about was Lelo, a Swedish company known for it's high end (and high cost) vibrators.  To make a long story short, because of a warranty return, we discovered that Lelo vibrators originated in Suzhou, a suburb of Shanghai in the People's Republic of China.

It's been a sharp learning curve for Serafina and I ever since, an eye opening experience for sure, as we've quickly discovered that most of the world's vibrators are made in the People's Republic of China.

Then a comment I made on another blog elicited a response from somebody very much in the know about Lelo.  I'll will copy that comm…

Toy Review - Icicles #12

Another package arrived at the Samadhi Home. . it was simply and securely packaged.  When opened, it revealed this outstanding beauty.

I first saw this at a local adult store priced around $70.  It was the first store of that kind I'd ever visited, and a lot of what we saw was trash or junk.

This piece really stood out.

I fell in love with it's delicate color and style!  Beautiful enough to sit in a curio cabinet.  Who would ever think this is a dildo?


Being glass, this treasure has clear stem with pink unopened rose tip.  The coloring is so subtle, it will pick up surrounding shades, giving it a new look in every room.

Icicles No.12 has lovely bumps that flow down to a flared level base.  It stands upright on it's own.  The glass is totally silky smooth.

Naturally, being glass, there's no flexibility to it.  Run it under hot water or set in a tall cup, or cool it in a fridge to increase sensation.  I am aware some even place it in a freezer.


The Collar I Wear

In a relationship often symbols matter.   Most people seal their significance with a wedding ceremony where the couple exchange rings, as they promise to stay faithful and true to each other.

Symbols and vows can certainly be made in complete privacy.  Some even live together all their life without the ritual wedding in harmony because of their understanding with one another.
A rite is an established form of religious or otherwise solemn practice.  A ritual is a prescribed form for carrying out the ceremonies associated with such a practice (both from Latinritus 'ceremony')  There are many reasons for creating such. . it may be that their children will have a single name, or it could be that personal and spiritual convictions dictate compliance.

It is also a public "brand" that states "I am not available, I am committed to another"

In our own path Master Samadhi and I were in a relationship for a time before any formal display could be considered.. Our ci…

Fisting Day

I'm told that tomorrow, Friday October 21, 2011 is proposed as International Fisting Day, according to Jiz Lee and Courtney Trouble.

I hadn't been aware of it's apparent absence in the current crop of adult movies, apparently I don't watch enough porn.  I know there are old VHS movies in my collection from the 1990's that show fisting, I guess the standards might have been different back in the days before DVD.

My of favorite fisting tape of all is one that's only been screened to a select handful of individuals. It was made made for me personally by a close lesbian friend and my ex-wife specifically to record the event  for my pleasure, it was my ex's first fisting.

Here are some helpful fisting and Fisting Day links (shamelessly nicked from Jiz Lee's post on this topic)

Fisting Day Tumblr – Follow and Repost!
Facebook Fisting Day Event – Attend and Invite Others!
How to Fist – a Primer if you want to celebrate literally
Courtney Trouble’s Fisting Day Post

Jute Rope from

Looking for Jute rope to use in traditional style Shibari / Kinbaku?
You could certainly do well by yourself with a purchase from Australia's Naturally Twisted.

As I stated in a previous post here at, a few months back I made the decision to discard all of the rope I'd used for bondage over the last two decades.  It wasn't a huge sacrifice, for the most part it was just cotton clothesline and braided nylon rope from a local big box hardware store.
I wanted to move away from cheap hardware store rope and get into better handling and more sensual, not to mention more authentic, natural fiber rope for my explorations of Shibari.  With that in mind, I purchased a 10 rope "starter pack" of handmade jute rope from 
Anyone who's visited us here at probably already knows that Serafina and I live in the Upper Mississippi River Valley.  So, it may strike our readers as strange that we purchased rope from Australia.�…

Affiliation Disclaimer Disclosure and the "Right to Know"

Disclosures and disclaimers aren't sexy or fun, but they are necessary to give readers a true sense of whether a reviewer might have divided loyalties.  Even if you don't read much further in the text of this blog at least stay long enough to read the first three paragraphs that begin this post.  They are the primary message.

Most, but certainly not all, sex bloggers who do reviews on their site enter into some kind of affiliation with a company producing or marketing adult toys.  Some enter into a number of such relationships with various toy makers and vendors.  If we enter into any affiliate relationship with a company, it will be disclosed here in the body of the blog.

When we do informational reviews for products or vendors, we will clearly state at the end of the review whether we have any affiliation, or would receive any compensation /consideration in return for the review.  If we receive any free products to test, we will clearly state in a disclaimer at the end of t…

When You Have Strayed From A Path. . . Return!

Life is a Journey
Life, and the lifestyle one chooses is a journey. . not an arrival. It is a destination, a path with many trails that can lead you entirely off-course or even to an abrupt end. It is a daily, hourly and moment by moment opportunity to keep to the path, or divert. And, we can do all this without even being aware at a conscious level, but the results will show if you are on the path or if you have wandered from your intent. Unless, that is you have already decided that the path you were committing to was not the path you really desire and it is acceptable to change your mind. But remember. . you need to be aware; and also communicate.

We all know that actions speak louder than words. Quite often we are trying to convince ourselves that we are on our path of choice, all the while we begin to adjust to complacency and neglect to pay close attention to the small details. And soon a small discrepancy becomes an ever increasing distance from the original path. This …

Mile Sky Club

Did you hear in last week's news about the couple who had skydiving sex?

Everybody's saying it's a new take on the ever famous "Mile High Club."  But, to me, it's unique enough to deserve a new appellation, the "Mile Sky Club."  Apparently the story involves a male porn star / skydiving instructor and the cute receptionist at the skydiving company where he did his weekend moonlighting.

Here's the story from the Huffington Post:

Perhaps such a stunt doesn't qualify in your mind as a BDSM activity?
Sure there is no bondage or leather, but there's no doubt it's edge play, at least as I understand the term.  I'm willing to claim the activity in the name of the BDSM Tribe.
It actually looks like great fun, you can see some of the unedited video at
I don't want to encourage anyone to feel the wrath of the FAA, and I certainly wouldn't want folks to try this without extensive training and experience skydiving.  With th…

who's getting blown?

Sounds like a loaded question doesn't it?

Perhaps it's more of a pun this time, I'm not sure.

The one thing I do know, is that the beautiful hand blown glass dildo - the Staccato - I ordered exactly one month ago today from hasn't been blown yet.

Here's the email I got breaking the news earlier today :
Good afternoon Mr. Samadhi,
We just received our shipment from the glass blowers who hand blow our glass products. Regrettably the Staccato was not included in the shipment. We have already gotten in touch with them to handblow the Staccato pieces we need for customers, but unfortunately it will be at least another 2 weeks until we can get them in the warehouse. I am deeply sorry for this delay and the frustration and inconvenience it must be causing.Customer service concluded letter with standard boilerplate text about contacting them with any further questions or concerns.

I'm not exactly thrilled at this turn of events, no victory jig here tonight.…

Oatmeal in the Morning!

Master and I have decided that we are not getting any younger, and that we must get better.  Therefore as a step in thew right direction we have decided to employ a regular breakfast.  Gone are the days of skipping breakfast or substituting some sugary, fatty snack of empty calories and void of any real nutrition.  Swap in good choices like oatmeal, eggs or pancakes.

Oatmeal has never been my favorite.  I grew up with stiff porridge in a pot that one scooped out as glob and mashed it with white sugar and thinned out with whole farm milk.  I disliked it. . hated it even!  But that was all there was.  Now I needed to take another look.  I tried the commercially packaged products and was disgusted by all the preservatives and sodium.  I wanted to find better.

My teeth are not what they once were. . . the years have worn them down and they are more prone to breaking and chipping than ever.  The carrots and almonds I once popped into my mouth without thought now have become a careful navig…

Rolling and Movement - The flow of Life

Old and new bodies are created to move. . I have recently come across a old/NEW concept that explores and restores body movement. It may seem silly and simple, but it really works. There is nothing extraordinary or complicated you just enjoy the movements. . . and if we wish to remain active in health, lifestyle and enjoy sex, we need to refocus and re-learn simple movements.

The work shown here is not mine but these have been posted at U-tube for everyone to enjoy. I am simply pointing the way





Making Up is Hard To Do

I have dis-honored Master.  I have wounded him deeply and he is uncertain how to trust me, and I can not blame him.   I do not know how long the journey back to trusting will take nor how long it will take.

Master has had the unfortunate experiences with two former relationships where lack of trust was a foremost issue.  Now he wonders aloud if I am no better than the others who have preceded me.  I have sought to earnestly prove myself in every way.  It is not a personal challenge, it is truly how I feel.  It slays me when he wonders if he has made another mistake, but I have let him down and so I have earned the doubt.

I am deeply remorseful and in desperate need of forgiveness and acceptance.  In words this has already been committed, yet I find myself feeling deeply ashamed for my actions and wondering how I can earn his precious love and trust from here.

It will be a slow, tedious journey back, and I intend to somehow make up for my transgression and I know it will take the r…

the first rule of porn club . . .

Another PSA (Public Sexual Announcement) from Michael and Serafina Samadhi.

This one's about, believe it or not, a Porn Club!

Now, I've belonged to more than my share of clubs through the years, some more pleasant than others.  For a brief period back in the early 1980's I belonged to Mensa.  That's where I decided there is a very fine line between genius and madness.  And yes, I was a Cub Scout and then a Boy Scout, what a great place to learn knots!

This will be my first Porn Club, and while I don't really know anything about the specifics of this group, it sounds like it could be fun.  Here's how I discovered the event, the official announcement . . .
November Porn Club AnnouncementThe November Porn Club Discussion will be held on Wednesday November 2nd and will be our first ever independent Porn Club! Unfortunately that means there will be no sponsored dvds this month, BUT we will be giving away several prizes throughout the discussion all of which will be …

Safety Dance Shears

One of the prevailing credos for the majority of individuals who include BDSM activities in their lifestyle is that their activities are to always be "Safe, Sane, and Consensual."   Today's post is focused on one aspect of the credo - safety - that word is even in the name of the item we are about to profile.

We're talking about EMT Safety Shears.

Safety Shears are an absolute necessity for individuals practicing any form of Shibari, bondage, or playful restraint.  By absolute necessity, I literally mean - Do not play unless you have Safety Shears! - understood?

I hope that you will keep at least one pair of safety shears in your toybag, and at the same time, I hope that you never actually have to use them.

My lovely assistant Serafina has provided us with an illustration of a EMT Safety Shears (top) as well as a pair of smaller Bandage Shears (bottom).

While the primary subject of today's post is the Safety Shear, I'd like to give some attention to it's s…

Liberator asks "Can Sex Become Your Spiritual Practice?"

We are big fans of the foam shapes and sex furniture offered by the folks at

We really just discovered their products earlier this year, but it's been an intense relationship.  The joke around Samadhi House is that the UPS delivery man visited so often this summer that he knocked down his own path through the grass in our front yard.

There's also a blog at, it's one of the better "company" blogs we've seen, with a few of the posts being outstanding.  A couple days back a real gem was posted, here's how the article begins:
Can Sex Become Your Spiritual Practice?Sexual expression is essential to living a balanced life. The grand variety of ways to express and interact sexually is limitless and all are welcome so long as it does not infringe on the wellbeing of all involved.From there the posting goes on to briefly mention a number of Tantric practices, all of which foster intimacy and awaken sexual desires.

The message is all q…

Spiritual BDSM on the Interwebs

Would you'd like to learn even more about our exploration of Spiritual BDSM?

Perhaps you want to share more of our journey through love, devotion and surrender?
Can't get enough of Michael and Serafina? (this one could easily tip into unhealthy obsession - been there done that - just don't go there, ok?)
Our friends and family, as well as assorted acquaintances, former lovers, buddies, pals, girlfriends, boyfriends,  and last but certainly not least, our readers (really anybody but one of our stalkers - you know who you are) are all welcome to keep up with  the folks behind wherever we have a presence on these wonderful Interwebs.
We are doing our best to make that easy . . . Spiritual BDSM on TumblrSpiritual BDSM on TwitterSpiritual BDSM Facebook PageMichael Samadhi on FacebookSerafina Samadhi on FacebookSpiritual BDSM on PicasaNow please realize that I'm an old geezer, having turned two score and eight years of age earlier this year, so some of this newf…

rope sample packs from

Are you just getting started playing with Shibari or Love Bondage, but having a hard time deciding what kind of rope to use?

Perhaps you are worried about natural fiber ropes and their potential to set off skin allergies?

Maybe you've noticed that natural fiber rope for Shibari/Love Bondage is expensive, and you want to be sure it's what you want before committing to a significant purchase?

What about folks who already own some nice rope for playful restraint, but are looking to add some specialized or exotic rope to their toybag?

There's one simple answer for all those questions - grab some rope sample packs from either one of a pair of the BDSM world's most respected rope makers - Twisted Monk and Maui Kink.  Problem solved!
For today's posting, we will detail the contents of the two sample packs offered by - the Classic Hemp Rope Sample Pack, and the Exotic Rope Sample Pack.  Each sells for the nominal price of $2.49.

The classic sample pack has …