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Review - Black Nitrile Exam Gloves

See, how she leans her cheek upon her hand!
O that I were a glove upon that hand,
That I might touch that cheek!

    -- William Shakespeare
When practicing spiritual sex, we become for a moment God and Goddess incarnate as we play and make love.  That's one element of our understanding and practice of Tantra.  If you haven't experienced it yet yourself, it's beautiful and it can be a religious experience, perhaps the closest we can come to the spiritual realm in this lifetime.

Yet, we are also frail and vulnerable.  There's no forgetting that we very much human.  So, there are a wide variety of times, for very human reasons, when it might be best to "glove up." Obviously then, today we are going from the very lofty principles of spiritual sex right on down to the dirty world of  fecal matter and STD's. 

For today's post, Serafina and I are going to have a frank discussion with our readers about disposable exam gloves, why they are an essential addition to your toy bag for safety and sanitary reasons, not to mention throwing in a review of some nice and inexpensive gloves for good measure.
latex and nitrile gloves come in a variety of colors and sizes (photo by Serafina Samadhi)
There are no little events with the heart. It magnifies everything; it places in the same scales the fall of an empire of fourteen years and the dropping of a woman's glove, and almost always the glove weighs more than the empire.
    -- Honore de Balzac
There are a variety of reasons why folks would choose to wear disposable latex or nitrile gloves.  For instance, my previous submissive (aka ex-wife) insisted that her partners "glove up" before inserting anything more than two, or at most three bare fingers in her pussy.  Which leads us right into discussing one potential use of gloves, to help soften and smooth rough hands to protect areas of very sensitive flesh.

My ex-wife very much preferred the feel of the slick latex over bare skin when being fingered.  If you stop and think about the usual condition of some men's (and women's) hands, there is at least a little logic to her preference.  Rough callouses, torn or damaged cuticles, not to mention fingernails that aren't smooth, can be rather uncomfortable for most individuals when inserted into a pussy or ass.

The harder a person works outdoors with their hands, whether through an outdoor profession or via an outdoor hobby like gardening, the more likely the are to end up with rough calloused fingers and hands. And, it's not limited to just outdoor vocations.  I know that when I was working as a Chef my hands were anything but "baby soft."  A great number of professions have similar perils in terms of what their job will do to their hand texture, everyone from auto mechanics to zoo keepers can develop rough hands.

So, unless you happen to be a hand model, or are incredibly meticulous about keeping your hands perfectly manicured, you may run into individuals who prefer the feel of a glove to the feel of your flesh, at least when exploring their most intimate places.
more colorful glove art from the lovely Serafina (photo Serafina Samadhi)
A pure hand needs no glove to cover it.
   -- Nathaniel Hawthorne
Latex and Nitrile gloves can, of course, also act as a barrier to prevent the spread of infectious disease, in other words, actually serve the manufacturer's intended purpose.  Just as condoms are recommended for preventing the spread of sexually transmitted disease, latex and Nitrile gloves are also an effective way to stop the spread of STDs, not to mention they are also very convenient for serious ass play.

Anybody who's had any kind of serious medical exam likely has experience with medical personnel of all sorts using disposable exam gloves.  Due to the increasingly common occurrence of virulent diseases like MRSA Staph infections in modern hospitals, everybody from doctors and nurses to housekeeping and even administration have protocols for the use of disposable gloves when visiting patients.

Law enforcement officers also have protocols requiring the use of disposable gloves to help prevent the spread of blood borne pathogens.  Similar requirements exist for first responders such as EMT's and other ambulance personnel.

Obviously, if latex gloves are an effective way to help prevent the spread of disease for medical and emergency personnel, then they can serve the same purpose in a bedroom or dungeon.

Iron hand in a velvet glove.    -- Charles V

Personally I know nothing about sex because I have always been married.

    -- Zsa Zsa Gabor

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Review - Clauss Professional Titanium Safety Shears

"For those who live their craft."™ 
When most folks think of sex toys, they would usually envision things like vibrators and dildos.  If they come from the kinky side of the tracks like Serafina and myself, they might think of a lot of other items too.  People associate things like leather and latex, rope, restraints, blindfolds, hoods and corsets with BDSM, and certainly those are all common components of the experience.  But, when I think about it, the complete BDSM toybox has room for an almost endless array of items.

As an example, I'll include a short but far from inclusive list of impact toys: floggers, cats, canes, rods, paddles, crops, straps, belts, tawses, quirts, hairbrushes, spoons, spatulas, swatters, and of course the classic - whips.  As I said, that list is far from being totally inclusive.  And, every one of those items has a number of types and variants.  All the little distinctions really do matter to the true aficionado.

Even with all of that toybag diversity, most folks living a BDSM lifestyle would not automatically consider a pair of glorified scissors a sex toy.  But, if you've been reading along here at, you already know that when adult play includes rope or restraint, safety shears are an absolute necessity.
Clauss 18053 7" True Professional Titanium Snips (picture by Serafina Samadhi)
If my memory is correct, I picked up my first pair of safety shears in Chicago at a store called "Male Hide Leathers," sometime back in the mid 1990's.  They weren't cheap, but they were cheaply made, and I never really trusted them.

The metal was soft and tinny, and it always felt as though they might give way before the rope.  Not a truly serious tool, when I used them they really felt like a pair of first grader's safety scissors.  Although they did (barely) fulfill their intended purpose, they didn't survive beyond their first serious use, and are now just a memory buried in some landfill.

More recently, I've added pair of EMT Shears from to my rope bag.  I didn't make a separate purchase, the shears were a part of a bulk rope kit I bought from the site.  The "Monk's Shears" (as I've taken to calling them) were a significant step up from that first pair.

Sharp and solid, they felt significant enough to be trustworthy, and test cuts on some spare braided nylon rope were very successful.  In fact, I felt confident enough in the shears from Twisted Monk that I poked a little fun at the product I'm about to review today.  

Mea culpa (a latin phrase meaning "my fault,") or, as Homer Simpson would say -- DOH!!!

My first safety shears really did remind me of primary school supplies, but the generic EMT Shears from Twisted Monk are nothing like those blunt ended monstrosities we tried to use as kids.  Monk's EMT Safety Shears (pictured directly below) will certainly be more than sufficient to provide a necessary measure of safety and security for any Shibari/Bondage Master's rope bag.
EMT Shears (top) from - Bandage scissors (bottom) from our medicine cabinet (picture by Serafina Samadhi)
The "Monk's Shears" are quite good, but, I have discovered they are not as solid, or as well built, as the product I am about to review today.  As the title already told you, in today's post I'll be detailing the newest purchase for my Shibari and rope bondage kit, a very nice set of Clauss 7" True Professional Titanium Snips.

These shears are very much a premium product.  I may have previously poked fun at their comfort cushioned handles, which may be a useless feature for a product we hope is used infrequently, but, as with any product designed for cutting, it's the blades that really count.

On the topic of blades, the advertising copy thoughtfully provided by Clauss will tell you:

"The Titanium-bonded blades are 3x stronger than stainless steel alone and will resist corrosion and adhesives."
I don't know if the 3x claim for sharpness is literally true, but I can tell you that the serrated blades are very much sharper to the touch than any other EMT Saftey Shear in my rope bag or experience.  Once again, how the edges feel when I run my fingers across the blades is one thing, what really matters is how well they cut rope.  And, I must say that these blades are noticeably superior at doing what's really important.

These Clauss shears cut everything from cardboard to rope easier, with more authority and confidence, than any other EMT shear I've ever used.  That's undoubtedly the most important feature in a tool reserved for emergencies.  Those outstanding blades are what makes these shears superior to their competition, everything else I discuss in this review are really just luxuries.
includes a Lifetime Warranty - (picture by Serafina Samadhi)
Do the other features, things like comfort grip handles and the corrosion and adhesive resistance of the blades matter at all?

Well, human perspiration is pretty darn corrosive.  My first pair of cheap shears suffered from surface rust in a fingerprint pattern, caused by a single handling with sweaty hands after a long and intense scene.  With that in mind, the corrosion resistance offered by these over-sized scissors is truly useful for a Shibari/bondage master who probably doesn't want their safety tools to be totally disposable.

At first, it was my belief that the adhesive resistance offered by these Clauss shears would actually be nothing but wasted potential in the bondage or Shibari master's rope bag.  Certainly, adhesive resistance would be a much more useful feature in a tool for use in the BDSM workshop, where, by the way, these snips would also be an excellent addition. 

After a few moments channeling my inner Don Draper type ad wizard, I did come up with an (admittedly weak) advantage for adhesive resistant shears when used in cutting rope with taped ends.  Rope ends have to be finished by some technique to prevent the the various rope strands from unraveling, and taping is the easiest of the home techniques for that purpose.

Granted, Shibari rope has a special knotted ends, and many premium ropes come with the added alternative of whipped ends, so it's not like cutting taped rope will be a common need for a toybag tool.  I had some old cotton clothesline with taped ends in my rope bag that I only recently discarded, so it's not a totally uncommon thing either. I'd guess that the adhesive resistant quality of the blades is only somewhat useful in the bondage/Shibari toybag.
Clauss 7" True Professional Titanium Snip (picture by Serafina Samadhi)
Which brings us to the final obvious difference between these EMT shears and the more generic versions offered elsewhere, those pretty comfort grip handles.  When first posting about the importance of including safety shears in your toybag, I had little fun at the expense of the comfort grip handles on these sweet shears.  I mean, who wants a Dom that has enough emergencies to need such a feature?

Upon further reflection, I realized that not all dominants have hand strength equal to my own.  What is simple for a burly man (linebacker style build) like myself, may not be as easy for an individual with less physical size or/or strength.

It's also worth considering a number of various infirmities and diseases that should also be considered when recommending a safety shear for everyone's use in their bondage toybag.  A wide range of conditions can effect an individual's hand strength and ability to use shears in an emergency.  Everything from MS (Multiple Sclerosis) to fibromyalgia and diabetic neuropathy can, and will, cause widely varying abilities to effectively use EMT Safety Shears.

So yes, those comfort grip handles really are a truly useful feature in a pretty good number of circumstances.  When considering these shears for inclusion among essential BDSM gear, the comfortable and secure handles are second in importance only to the outstanding quality of the blades.
cuts thru rope like a knife thru butter - demonstrating the Clauss Titanium Safety Shears in our makeshift photo-booth (picture by Serafina Samadhi)  
CONCLUSIONS - I can't say this part too often - If you are going to play adult games including bondage or restraint, a pair of EMT Safety  Shears are an absolute essential.  That's not a statement which is open to debate, responsible adults playing BDSM games must be prepared for potential emergencies.

The generic safety shear sold by Monk is a good useful tool, but these shears by Clauss are significantly better.  The current price for "Monk's Shears" is $5.50 while the Clauss 7" True Professional Titanium Snips are selling today at for $8.10.  Those are the item's retail prices, postage and handling fees are not included.

If figured in terms of percentage, the cost difference is significant, the Clauss Shears have something like a 40% higher retail cost.  In the grand scheme of things, however, percentages are pretty irrelevant in this price range, unless you are purchasing some kind of large quantity.  We are talking about a cost difference of less than $3.00, it's just not enough to justify settling for the inferior product.

These shears are a high quality tool, significantly superior to the competition in actual use.  If you don't already have a pair of safety shears, then don't consider any others, buy these.  If you already own EMT Shears, these just might be enough of a step up in quality that you'd consider replacing your old gear.

We recommend that anyone partaking in Shibari or bondage activities include them in their toy or rope bag.  They are inexpensive enough that you may wish to have several pairs, one in the rope bag, and others close at hand anywhere you may play bondage games in your home.

Safety is no laughing matter, but I can't help saying that these Clauss Shears are a real "cut up."  These scissors come with a Lifetime Warranty, and the trademarked motto on the back of the package says; "For those who live their craft."  

Now there's a motto worthy of a BDSM dominant if I've ever heard one . . .
an essential tool for the bondage/Shibari rope bag - this thick braided nylon rope cut very easily with the Clauss EMT Safety Shears (picture by Serafina Samadhi) 
DISCLAIMER - Michael and Serafina Samadhi are not associated or affiliated with the manufacturer(s) and/or vendor(s) of the Clauss Professional Titanium Safety Shears in any manner or form. We have not received any compensation or consideration in return for this posting. Product was purchased thru and we do reserve the right to add affiliate links to the product at a later date while concurrently changing this notice to reflect our current affiliate status.
Every time you see a beautiful woman, just remember, somebody got tired of her.

    -- Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

I have found the paradox that if I love until it hurts, then there is no hurt, but only more love.

    -- Mother Teresa

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The limits of pleasures are as yet neither known nor fixed, and we have no idea what degree of bodily bliss we are capable of attaining.

    -- Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Real Sex Toy Reviews

I read only real sex toy reviewsThere were a number of things that motivated my sweet Serafina and I to become sex bloggers, among them our desire to share our experiences with adult toys and pleasure tools.  While we may not want to personally direct our friends, family, and co-workers to the good stuff, our online efforts can actually help an even wider circle of people.

As a part of accomplishing that goal, we are announcing today that we are now participants at Real Sex Toy Reviews.  You may have already noticed the new graphic up in the right hand corner of, asserting that we are now a Certified Real Sex Toy Reviewer, an accolade we are proud to wear.

The thinking behind Real Sex Toy Reviews (RSTR) is help assure than sex toy consumers are getting more than just a stock picture and some tired ad copy in a so called "review."  There is money to be made in the sex toy trade, it's a multi-billion dollar industry worldwide.  And, it's an industry where the government has imposed little regulatory influence, meaning that unscrupulous vendors hyping heavily marked up junk to the uninitiated or unknowing can have absolutely enormous profit margins.

That's where RSTR comes in, they require participants to post their own images and make real meaningful reviews.  Here's how the directions are worded on the site's registration page:
Participating reviewer on real sex toy reviews
Do you write real sex toy reviews and wish to be on our participating reviewer list?
Just grab one of our Participating Reviewer Buttons and put it on your site.
After it is up just fill out the small form below and we will take a peek at your site.
If your site has reviews of sex toys that include images or video that is obviously original and not taken from the manufacturers or resellers advertising image stock we will list you as a participating reviewer.
To be certified, you first have to be a participant, and then you have to provide proof positive that you are indeed a unique individual.  It's not a difficult process, but it would seem to work well in assuring readers that participating and certified sites are offer reviews of real adult toys (not just ad copy) by real individuals (not some marketing person who's only intent is profit.)

We always try and go that extra step for our readers, whether it's adding a disclaimer to our own reviews clearly stating any affiliation etc., or joining the Real Sex Toy Review Program.  It's actually a matter of pride for me.

After all, if I'm going to require outstanding awareness, service and attention from my sweet slave/wife Serafina, than I have to, at the very least, be similarly attentive and aware myself.  And, while it's doubtful I'd ever share the services of my Serafina in a physical context, I do love sharing her here.

So, we are very real, and we are here to serve our readers, at least in a virtual sense.  We hope to provide an entertaining and meaningful experience that may make our readers both laugh and wince, and hopefully will leave some better educated too.

And now we are certified . . .

Certified real sex toy reviews

Ya can't beat that with a stick (we say use a ratan cane instead!)

In everything, satiety closely follows the greatest pleasures.

    -- Marcus Tullius Cicero

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Made in China Redux

A brief ten days ago I wrote up a little essay expressing my dismay to have discovered that a major high end vibrator and toy maker is producing their products in country known for human rights violations, and also has a history of producing and exporting goods tainted with toxins - Made In China.

Although at the time I didn't name names, the manufacturer I was talking about was Lelo, a Swedish company known for it's high end (and high cost) vibrators.  To make a long story short, because of a warranty return, we discovered that Lelo vibrators originated in Suzhou, a suburb of Shanghai in the People's Republic of China.

It's been a sharp learning curve for Serafina and I ever since, an eye opening experience for sure, as we've quickly discovered that most of the world's vibrators are made in the People's Republic of China.

Then a comment I made on another blog elicited a response from somebody very much in the know about Lelo.  I'll will copy that comment here for our readers:
Oden says...
October 19th, 2011
You are absolutely correct about Lelo products being produced in China, the company have large production facilities not too far away from Shanghai in Suzhou. The company produce and design their vibrators in-house making them rather unique in the industry. There are very few, maybe 2 more companies manufacturing themselves, all other companies outsource to Chinese factories with varying quality. The ability to control the whole chain from design (Swedish) and manufacturing gives Lelo several advantages, one is of course power to fully control material and quality, and another important thing is to secure good employment standards for their workers.In-house means that products are designed and produced completely by the company themselves. All this suggests Lelo have all the means to provide the market with superior and innovative products and I certainly believe they do.
Outside of a couple of grammatical errors that indicate to a trained eye that English may be a second language for the individual who provided that response, it's darn near worthy of MadMen wizard Don Draper. Oden speaks with confidence and authority, adopting a pleasantly assured and seemingly informative tone.

It's all sweetness, rose petals and sunshine, I suppose.

Well, except for the fact that the People's Republic of China (PRC) has a pretty poor record when it comes to human rights.  There's China's occupation of Tibet, for instance, and the messy little detail about the spiritual leader of the world's Buddhists being exiled because the PRC's invasion of his homeland. There are censorship issues too, as the PRC has some of the most repressive internet restrictions in the world.

The PRC is also infamous for it's system of reform and reeducation camps.  China employs it's political and religious prisoners in a series of camps called Laogai (meaning reform through labor) and Laojiao (meaning re-education through labor) where they become forced labor for China's industry.  Human Right's groups use a slightly stronger word for this practice, they call it "slave labor" rather than forced labor, and their best estimate is six to eight million individuals are imprisoned by this system at any one time.

None of this is sexy, to belabor the obvious.

Please do not misunderstand, I'm not trying to imply that Lelo is directly associated with any of the most heinous activities committed by the PRC.  I'm not trying to imply that at all!  But, the Chinese Laogai and Laojiao systems have their closest modern equivalent in the Soviet Gulag, and they make a significant contribution to the Chinese economy.

So, what does the informed consumer do?

I'm not sure.  A company like Lelo, who has their own dedicated production facility in the PRC, would seem to be significantly preferable to a company who doesn't have that much control.

But, beyond that I'm still a little fuzzy.

Your own mind is a sacred enclosure into which nothing harmful can enter except by your permission.

    -- Arnold Bennet

Sunday, October 23, 2011

It is easier to go down a hill than up, but the view is from the top.

    -- Arnold Bennet

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Toy Review - Icicles #12

Another package arrived at the Samadhi Home. . it was simply and securely packaged.  When opened, it revealed this outstanding beauty.

I first saw this at a local adult store priced around $70.  It was the first store of that kind I'd ever visited, and a lot of what we saw was trash or junk.

This piece really stood out.

I fell in love with it's delicate color and style!  Beautiful enough to sit in a curio cabinet.  Who would ever think this is a dildo?


Being glass, this treasure has clear stem with pink unopened rose tip.  The coloring is so subtle, it will pick up surrounding shades, giving it a new look in every room.

Icicles No.12 has lovely bumps that flow down to a flared level base.  It stands upright on it's own.  The glass is totally silky smooth.

Naturally, being glass, there's no flexibility to it.  Run it under hot water or set in a tall cup, or cool it in a fridge to increase sensation.  I am aware some even place it in a freezer.

Although Pyrex glass is as safe as can be found, there is a small chance glass could explode when contacted with a liquid, something like a wet waiting pussy.

I'm also a bit concerned about the possibility of a "freeze burn" on delicate tissue like my inner labia, therefore I would personally avoid inserting solidly frozen toys, and advise you do the same.

MATERIAL:   Pyrex glass
MATERIAL SAFETY:  smooth texture will not cut or abrade. will last a life-time
TEXTURE:   Smooth
CARE:  Wipe, wash, bleach or alcohol to clean, Anti-bacterial property / Food-grade material / Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Non-porous / Phthalates free


Length:         7 3/4"
Insertable length: 7 1/2"
Circumference:  4 3/4"
Diameter:       1 1/2"
Weight:         13oz
Price range:   $30  to  + $66 USA

It fits comfortably in your anatomy – considering there's no give to glass, that's a good thing. The very beautiful rose colored tip features a reasonably sized bulge, just enough to be satisfying.

This handmade rose will never wilt, and you should engage it in all it's beauty.

It certainly has earned a spot in our home!

Master Michael says:
Serafina loves glass dildos.
When we first saw this one, I did tease her that it would be suitable for display on a fireplace mantle, and I'm guessing that the spot it has earned in our home is likely in a curio cabinet.
I like the thought of having one of our toys on display in plain sight.
Like Serafina's collar, this is something that I believe "passes" in the vanilla world.  The uninitiated would have no idea of it's actually intended purpose.  That's pretty unique and cool.
I usually won't consider products produced by Pipedreams, as I very much prefer to shop smaller niche vendors where I honestly believe the quality and value are superior.  I'm also not a fan of toys like the 36DD Mega Masturbator.  If that's your kind of thing, you and Pipedreams will get along just fine.
I actually purchased this as a surprise for Serafina from  I know she had admired it on our one visit to a local adult video center, so I've had it in the back of my mind as an easy present for a few months.
I also wanted to compare this relatively inexpensive glass, to premium glass like the Vincent from  That comparison will be the subject of a future review here at
DISCLAIMER - and it's owners (Michael Samadhi and Serafina Samadhi) are not associated or affiliated with Pipedreams or in any manner.  We have not received any compensation or consideration in return for this posting.  
All images within this post are property of - © 2011 Serafina Samadhi. 

Pleasure that is obtained by unreasonable and unsuitable cost, must always end in pain.

    -- Samuel Johnson

Friday, October 21, 2011

The Collar I Wear

In a relationship often symbols matter.  
Most people seal their significance with a wedding ceremony where the couple exchange rings, as they promise to stay faithful and true to each other.

Symbols and vows can certainly be made in complete privacy.  Some even live together all their life without the ritual wedding in harmony because of their understanding with one another.

A rite is an established form of religious or otherwise solemn practice.  A ritual is a prescribed form for carrying out the ceremonies associated with such a practice (both from Latinritus 'ceremony')  There are many reasons for creating such. . it may be that their children will have a single name, or it could be that personal and spiritual convictions dictate compliance.

It is also a public "brand" that states "I am not available, I am committed to another"

In our own path Master Samadhi and I were in a relationship for a time before any formal display could be considered.. Our circumstances were such that they disallowed  a wedding.  Once we had removed the obstacles and overcame our barricades, we were married by a Unitarian minister and we sealed our vows with matching white gold rings. And, we honour each other  and we wear them faithfully every day and night.

Master later asked me to help find a collar that would be suitable to wear everyday.  After much searching we settled on this 4mm one from Wyred Slave . the description from their own site follows.  You can see here that there is a screw locking mechanism that is set by a special allen key.
Wraith Band Collars are one of our simplest, yet most effective designs and are hand crafted from fine stainless steel rope which complements the polished aluminium Wraith Lock to create a stunning yet individual item of jewellery.
The bands are available in a selection of guages/widths from fine 4mm (approx) through to a heavy looking, yet light to wear, 9mm.
It is simple, easy to wear and does not interfere with anything.  it is accessible able and Master Samadhi also purchased the ring attachment from them.  There is a minor draw-back in that it does catch and pull out about 20 or so hairs a day, but otherwise  is easy to clean in the bath or shower, I take time to dry the collar completely.  Sometimes I will give it a swipe with rubbing alcohol to ensure no bacteria build-up occurs and to prevent problems with my skin as it is fairly sensitive.

Master placed it on me with a personal and private ceremony.  I had to cross an international border, so not needing or wanting any attention from authorities Master and I reluctantly removed it for a time.

I like the fact that one can add adapted accessories: only with Master's permission, of course!  I found this piece which I think is adorable, and meaningful.
Master Michael says --  I love the collar I've placed around Serafina's neck to display my ownership, to mark her as my property, my slave/wife.
Finding an appropriate collar that is permanent but still dressy enough for every day wear in the vanilla world was not a simple task.  Fortunately, the folks at Wyred Slave had the same problem, and saw a business opportunity.
The collar, as you can see for yourself, is very pretty.  The O-ring feature can be added or removed at will.  It's addition really dresses the piece up, to make sure the collar's intent is perfectly clear - slave collar!  As I stated in my prior review of Wyred Slave as a vendor, their customer service is outstanding and very personable.
The only downside we've discovered in several months of wear is the issue of hair being caught in the weave of the collar.  But, there are a myriad of solutions for such a minor issue.
For instance, I know that there's a gentleman in Seattle named Twisted Monk who has a fetish for shaving women's heads, he's personable, attractive, and he's a sex worker.  If we are ever travelling towards the Pacific Northwest, I might have to see if his fetish can resolve my wife's problem.  What fun that would be to watch!
Here's Master's take on the slave collar from Wyred Slave condensed to 5 words:

  1. beautiful
  1. delicious
  1. versatile
  1. captivating
  1. enslaved
That says it all!

Yes, Master, I bet we could work something out. . . LOL

 Your Serafina!

DISCLAIMER - and it's owners (Michael Samadhi and Serafina Samadhi) are not associated or affiliated with Wyred Slave or in any manner.  We have not received any compensation or consideration in return for this posting.  

All images within this post are property of - © 2011 Serafina Samadhi.

Pleasure is nothing else but the intermission of pain.

    -- John Selden

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Fisting Day

I'm told that tomorrow, Friday October 21, 2011 is proposed as International Fisting Day, according to Jiz Lee and Courtney Trouble.

I hadn't been aware of it's apparent absence in the current crop of adult movies, apparently I don't watch enough porn.  I know there are old VHS movies in my collection from the 1990's that show fisting, I guess the standards might have been different back in the days before DVD.

My of favorite fisting tape of all is one that's only been screened to a select handful of individuals. It was made made for me personally by a close lesbian friend and my ex-wife specifically to record the event  for my pleasure, it was my ex's first fisting.

Here are some helpful fisting and Fisting Day links (shamelessly nicked from Jiz Lee's post on this topic)

Fisting Day Tumblr – Follow and Repost!
Facebook Fisting Day Event – Attend and Invite Others!
How to Fist – a Primer if you want to celebrate literally
Courtney Trouble’s Fisting Day Post
Jiz Lee's Fisting Day Post
Twitter – Follow @JizLee & @CourtneyTrouble Hashtag is #fisting

Jute Rope from

looks like a delicious blonde . . . two lengths of Naturally Twisted Co's handmade traditional Shibari rope
Looking for Jute rope to use in traditional style Shibari / Kinbaku?

You could certainly do well by yourself with a purchase from Australia's Naturally Twisted.

As I stated in a previous post here at, a few months back I made the decision to discard all of the rope I'd used for bondage over the last two decades.  It wasn't a huge sacrifice, for the most part it was just cotton clothesline and braided nylon rope from a local big box hardware store.

I wanted to move away from cheap hardware store rope and get into better handling and more sensual, not to mention more authentic, natural fiber rope for my explorations of Shibari.  With that in mind, I purchased a 10 rope "starter pack" of handmade jute rope from 

closeup of our hand conditioned jute rope - purchased from
Anyone who's visited us here at probably already knows that Serafina and I live in the Upper Mississippi River Valley.  So, it may strike our readers as strange that we purchased rope from Australia.  

Yes, shipping charges for international packages are very expensive.  But, when priced against the Shibari Kit of Osada Steve jute rope from (located here in the USA),'s jute was a better value, even with the exorbitant postal charges applied for packages shipped from Australia to the US.

For the relatively modest cost of $130 (AUS) I was able to purchase ten separate lengths of Naturally Twisted's hand made and conditioned jute rope, each 7.5 meters in length.  Here's Naturally Twisted's own description of their rope:
6mm Handmade Jute - Natural
A 6mm tightly twisted jute rope that provides a soft feel without coming apart, suitable for both floor work and suspension. Tested to over 200kg per strand.
These ropes are hand made in Australia from the highest quality jute. The rope is springy and lovely to the touch.
A traditional Shibari/kinbaku rope or asanawa, finished by hand to produce an exceptional quality product.
All lengths are 7.5m
The description is quite accurate.  Hebari (the individual behind Naturally Twisted) makes beautiful rope that is both soft and strong.  I gave a single strand of the rope the "jerk test" - using all of my weight (240 lbs) in a quick dynamic pull hard enough to lift my feet off the ground.  No problem.

There is a very strong and distinct aroma associated with this rope.  It smells like jute rope!  If you know the smell it's unmistakable.  If you don't know the aroma, you probably need to experience it for yourself, it's difficult to describe.  It's earthy and woody for sure, but there's a strong undertone that just screams JUTE to me, I'm sorry but that's the best I can do.

As would be expected from a traditional rope made for Shibari, this rope holds knots very well.  It's handling characteristics are very similar to the 6mm Twisted Monk hemp rope that also inhabits my rope bag.  It's noticeably lighter in weight than TM's hemp offering, and perhaps a touch narrower in diameter.

One of these days I'm going to grab an affordable micrometer so I can give an exact diameter to rope and other toys that need precision measuring.  Until that happens, I'll eyeball my various rope and rope samples, then estimate (guess) that this jute rope is somewhere between 5-6mm.

A tender skinned submissive or bondagette might look at the detail picture we've included with this post and worry that this rope might feel rough or itchy.  That's simply not the case.  The hand conditioning that Hebari gives this rope makes it soft and quite scratch free.  Very nice!

detail of jute rope we purchased from Naturally Twisted Co
While I've very much enjoyed describing Naturally Twisted's rope, not to mention it is very much a pleasure to use, I don't consider myself qualified to truly judge this rope against other similar traditional jute shibari ropes.  This is the only jute in my toybag, it's the only jute in my experience.

It certainly is a premium handmade and hand conditioned jute rope that is a pleasure to use to bind my Serafina.  I'm told it's quite sensual to be bound with this rope.  I used alternating lengths of this and Monk's hemp rope in a chest tie on a blindfolded Serafina, she was unable to feel a difference between the two premium hand conditioned bondage ropes.

This is great rope, I love it.  As I continue to learn the art of Shibari / Kinbaku, I'm certain this rope will continue to have a special place in my ropebag, not to mention in my heart.  I already love it!

DISCLAIMER - and it's owners (Michael Samadhi and Serafina Samadhi) are not associated or affiliated with Naturally Twisted Co or in any manner.  We have not received any compensation or consideration in return for this posting.  

All images within this post are property of - © 2011 Serafina Samadhi.

Pain and pleasure, like light and darkness, succeed each other.

    -- Laurence Sterne

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Affiliation Disclaimer Disclosure and the "Right to Know"

Disclosures and disclaimers aren't sexy or fun, but they are necessary to give readers a true sense of whether a reviewer might have divided loyalties.  Even if you don't read much further in the text of this blog at least stay long enough to read the first three paragraphs that begin this post.  They are the primary message.

Most, but certainly not all, sex bloggers who do reviews on their site enter into some kind of affiliation with a company producing or marketing adult toys.  Some enter into a number of such relationships with various toy makers and vendors.  If we enter into any affiliate relationship with a company, it will be disclosed here in the body of the blog.

When we do informational reviews for products or vendors, we will clearly state at the end of the review whether we have any affiliation, or would receive any compensation /consideration in return for the review.  If we receive any free products to test, we will clearly state in a disclaimer at the end of the post that we received the item for review and did not purchase it for ourselves.

We haven't yet entered into any affiliate relationships ourselves, and we are currently debating if that direction is a good fit for us here at

You see, just as musicians have influences upon which they build their own style, writers also have influences and authors who have inspired or instructed.  While I can't say that my personal writing style was influenced by a sex blogger, or any other online source, the actual decision to become sex bloggers ourselves was inspired by a good number of today's blogs, as well as a couple I've followed but are no longer active.

Some of our favorite blogs are affiliated with one or more companies, and in some cases they might even derive a modest income from their blog.  Other's are clearly non-commercial with nary an advertisement or affiliation to be found.  We read both kind of blogs and enjoy them all.

 I've written professionally, I earned my living with my communications skills for the last 25 years.  As such it wouldn't be unreasonable for Serafina and I to seek affiliates and advertisers to garner some token compensation for our efforts here.  One example of a non fetish blog that I believe does this well is  Ken's a professional photographer who supports himself with his website, not by having a pay site, but with a few select affiliations and with reader's donations.

On the other hand, about 5 years ago Serafina and I had a non-fetish related blog (that drew 1000 to 1500 unique visits per day) and we never once accepted any advertisement nor a single affiliation arrangement.  For legal reasons I let the domain and site expire while going thru a divorce - on principle I killed my effort rather than let it be taken over and monetized by my former spouse.

So, we are in progress of making decisions regarding affiliation with companies serving the adult toy and BDSM toy markets.  If we do choose to become affiliates of any vendor or manufacturer, we will announce it here among the blog's posts, not hidden away on some page that is rarely noticed.  

It is all based on our belief that readers have the right to know!

When You Have Strayed From A Path. . . Return!

Life is a Journey

Life, and the lifestyle one chooses is a journey. . not an arrival. It is a destination, a path with many trails that can lead you entirely off-course or even to an abrupt end. It is a daily, hourly and moment by moment opportunity to keep to the path, or divert. And, we can do all this without even being aware at a conscious level, but the results will show if you are on the path or if you have wandered from your intent. Unless, that is you have already decided that the path you were committing to was not the path you really desire and it is acceptable to change your mind. But remember. . you need to be aware; and also communicate.

We all know that actions speak louder than words. Quite often we are trying to convince ourselves that we are on our path of choice, all the while we begin to adjust to complacency and neglect to pay close attention to the small details. And soon a small discrepancy becomes an ever increasing distance from the original path. This concept is crudely demonstrated in the following drawing: 

From a Christian perspective all of the natural speaks of the spiritual. That is; we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Thus whatever we desire to become will show up naturally. The problem is we don't come by it naturally! No- we have a lot of learning to do, and there will be mistakes and omissions all along the way.

The recognized writings in the accepted scriptures from 2 Timothy 2:15 instructs “Study to show yourself approved unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”

Brendan Perry of Dead Can Dance - American Dreaming puts it this way . . . “I need my conscience to keep watch over me To protect me from myself So I can wear honesty like a crown on my head When I walk into the promised land”

From wikipdeia
“Mindfulness (Pali: sati, Sanskrit: smṛti; also translated as awareness) is a spiritual faculty (indriya) that is considered to be of great importance in the path to enlightenment according to the teaching of the Buddha. It is one of the seven factors of enlightenment. "Correct" or "right" mindfulness (Pali: sammā-sati, Sanskrit samyak-smṛti) is the seventh element of the noble eightfold path.
Enlightenment (bodhi) is a state of being in which greed, hatred and delusion (Pali: moha) have been overcome, abandoned and are absent from the mind. Mindfulness, which, among other things, is an attentive awareness of the reality of things (especially of the present moment) is an antidote to delusion and is considered as such a 'power' (Pali: bala). This faculty becomes a power in particular when it is coupled with clear comprehension of whatever is taking place”.
The Buddha advocated that “One should establish mindfulness (satipatthana) in one's day-to-day life maintaining as much as possible a calm awareness of one's bodily functions, sensations (feelings), objects of consciousness (thoughts and perceptions), and consciousness itself. The practice of mindfulness supports analysis resulting in the arising of wisdom”.

“The true nature of the mind,” says the Dalai Lama, “is beyond any concept or physical form, and therefore it cannot be studied solely by third-person, scientific methods. Mind must also be studied through a rigorous observation of our own subjective experience”.

According to Gandhi, “Inner transformation is the key to change”.

Being mindful is a serious discipline, and to take it seriously will have long-lasting and fruitful events that accelerate your chosen path. It is an extreme awareness of what your habits are telling about you. If one is not happy about the message that is perceived by trusted loved ones, then one must make a conscience decision to make corrections, and be ever more aware of the consequence of any actions.

In Conclusion

There is no conclusion until death robs one of any further endeavors or actions. It is a life-long consignment. However it is a choice one makes every moment of every day. It works very well when you have a trusting, and trust-worthy companion. Being mindful may not be easy, but it need not be difficult. Know that if mistakes are made, then there are ways to correct.

Too many people wander about aimlessly in life and when it is over they wonder what happened. For me in my personal life I have made a commitment to Submission. I have decided to become a Slave to that commitment. The commitment is to my Master Michael Samadhi. Near the end of my journey I only need to hear “Well done, you are good and faithful Servant.”  I wish my life to demonstrate my spoken intentions, and to leave no doubt to anyone who observes me.
Respectfully submitted

Pain is less subject than pleasure to careless expression.

    -- Samuel Johnson

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mile Sky Club

Did you hear in last week's news about the couple who had skydiving sex?

Everybody's saying it's a new take on the ever famous "Mile High Club."  But, to me, it's unique enough to deserve a new appellation, the "Mile Sky Club."  Apparently the story involves a male porn star / skydiving instructor and the cute receptionist at the skydiving company where he did his weekend moonlighting.

Here's the story from the Huffington Post:

Perhaps such a stunt doesn't qualify in your mind as a BDSM activity?

Sure there is no bondage or leather, but there's no doubt it's edge play, at least as I understand the term.  I'm willing to claim the activity in the name of the BDSM Tribe.

It actually looks like great fun, you can see some of the unedited video at

I don't want to encourage anyone to feel the wrath of the FAA, and I certainly wouldn't want folks to try this without extensive training and experience skydiving.  With that said, it really does look like wonderful fun.

While I likely couldn't be bothered to try and join the Mile High Club.  Given the opportunity, I'd join the Mile Sky Club, wouldn't you?

I need my conscience to keep watch over me
To protect me from myself
So I can wear honesty like a crown on my head
When I walk into the promised land

-- Brendan Perry of Dead Can Dance - American Dreaming

Monday, October 17, 2011

who's getting blown?

Sounds like a loaded question doesn't it?

Perhaps it's more of a pun this time, I'm not sure.

The one thing I do know, is that the beautiful hand blown glass dildo - the Staccato - I ordered exactly one month ago today from hasn't been blown yet.

Here's the email I got breaking the news earlier today :
Good afternoon Mr. Samadhi,
We just received our shipment from the glass blowers who hand blow our glass products. Regrettably the Staccato was not included in the shipment. We have already gotten in touch with them to handblow the Staccato pieces we need for customers, but unfortunately it will be at least another 2 weeks until we can get them in the warehouse. I am deeply sorry for this delay and the frustration and inconvenience it must be causing.
Customer service concluded letter with standard boilerplate text about contacting them with any further questions or concerns.

I'm not exactly thrilled at this turn of events, no victory jig here tonight.  But, it's hard to be upset with a company who has been good to us.

We've very much enjoyed the gear we've accumulated over the last few months, their delivery times are usually outstanding, the various shapes and pieces of foam furniture we've added to our future fungeon decor are well made and versatile.

In terms of the exclusive glass offered by Liberator, I guess Serafina will just have to "settle" for being teased, tormented, and invaded by the Vincent Glass Dildo.  That's the dildo that was in stock when I placed my order back in September.  Unlike the Staccato, we've been enjoying it for several weeks already.

DISCLAIMER - Neither Michael nor Serafina Samadhi are associated or affiliated with in any form.  We have not received compensation nor consideration in return for this posting. All images associated with this post are property of  Images are used here for demonstration and review purposes only.

Oatmeal in the Morning!

Master and I have decided that we are not getting any younger, and that we must get better.  Therefore as a step in thew right direction we have decided to employ a regular breakfast.  Gone are the days of skipping breakfast or substituting some sugary, fatty snack of empty calories and void of any real nutrition.  Swap in good choices like oatmeal, eggs or pancakes.

Oatmeal has never been my favorite.  I grew up with stiff porridge in a pot that one scooped out as glob and mashed it with white sugar and thinned out with whole farm milk.  I disliked it. . hated it even!  But that was all there was.  Now I needed to take another look.  I tried the commercially packaged products and was disgusted by all the preservatives and sodium.  I wanted to find better.

My teeth are not what they once were. . . the years have worn them down and they are more prone to breaking and chipping than ever.  The carrots and almonds I once popped into my mouth without thought now have become a careful navigation to make sure that the objects pass successfully into the esophagus without parts of tooth embedded.

So now I am working on ways to enjoy the taste and benefits of almonds and nuts, without the need to endanger my smile.  I grind them in  a food processor until they are a meal texture.  They could continue to grind until the oils are drawn out and it would become an almond paste. I stop the almonds just before that and add other softer nuts, like walnuts, pecans, and cashews with brown sugar and cinnamon.  I churn up a big batch and store extra in the freezer and of course I keep what we use in the fridge.

If you wish to try here is the "non-exact" methodology!

Sweet Cinnamon Nut Mix

1 lb package raw Almonds
Process until a fine meal
add 1/4 lb of pecans, or walnuts (or a bit of both)
a cup of pecans, or peanuts.
1,1/2 cup packed brown sugar
2 Tablespoons cinnamon
1/2 cup cold milled flax
Process until completely mixed.

Store in containers suitable for fridge and freezer.

To Use

scoop 1/3 cup oatmeal into a cereal bowl
add 2 heaping spoons of nut mix, or to taste
add soy milk Plain or vanilla
cook in microwave 2.30 to 3 minutes on high. . .you want to watch this as when it begins to cook it expands! all over the microwave.  All microwaves are a bit different so you may need a longer/shorter cook time.

When the dish begins to rise leave it until it just wants to come up over and rescue it.  Stir it up and let it cool a little, it will thicken, and enjoy.  You can adjust how thick it becomes with added soy milk.

We are on a path and open to new ideas and will be posting on more and diverse ways to improve our health.  We welcome additional comments and suggestions, and will embark on a series of this topic.

A man who has not passed through the inferno of his passions has not overcome them.

-- Carl Jung

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Rolling and Movement - The flow of Life

Old and new bodies are created to move. . I have recently come across a old/NEW concept that explores and restores body movement. It may seem silly and simple, but it really works. There is nothing extraordinary or complicated you just enjoy the movements. . . and if we wish to remain active in health, lifestyle and enjoy sex, we need to refocus and re-learn simple movements.

The work shown here is not mine but these have been posted at U-tube for everyone to enjoy. I am simply pointing the way





Making Up is Hard To Do

I have dis-honored Master.  I have wounded him deeply and he is uncertain how to trust me, and I can not blame him.   I do not know how long the journey back to trusting will take nor how long it will take.

Master has had the unfortunate experiences with two former relationships where lack of trust was a foremost issue.  Now he wonders aloud if I am no better than the others who have preceded me.  I have sought to earnestly prove myself in every way.  It is not a personal challenge, it is truly how I feel.  It slays me when he wonders if he has made another mistake, but I have let him down and so I have earned the doubt.

I am deeply remorseful and in desperate need of forgiveness and acceptance.  In words this has already been committed, yet I find myself feeling deeply ashamed for my actions and wondering how I can earn his precious love and trust from here.

It will be a slow, tedious journey back, and I intend to somehow make up for my transgression and I know it will take the rest of my life to arrive.  I hope he gives me more chances than I even deserve.  I hope it will be a stronger relationship for the recognition of a willing commitment to show repentance, and re-direction.  I hope he can find it in his heart to forgive me again.  I will embrace whatever he gives me, and try to do better.

I wish to leave our readers with a thought from the Dalli Lama.  I challenge everyone to love and live life to the fullest

My Dearest Serafina,
Thank you for the apology.
Please know in your heart that the only actions that could truly anger me are circumstances that might endanger yourself, your emotional or physical well being, or our ability to remain together.
I believe we are both still emotionally raw, not to mention physically and emotionally worn out from the ordeal of my Mother's passing at the end of August.  All of the various germs and virus we've been exposed to at hospitals and airports have forced our immune systems to work overtime, neither one of us has had any significant period of feeling well for the last six weeks.  Misjudgments are more common when emotionally and physically drained. 
With all of that in mind, I do hope you know that I forgive you.  My forgiveness is without condition or reservation.  More than anyone else in the world, you have taught me the meaning of compassion.  I offer this to you as well, to the best of my abilities.
All I ask in return, is your sincere promise that when we are physically apart, that you will always put your own safety and well being above all else.  I know you put the utmost value on our relationship, as do I.  But, you sometimes are too quick to disregard your own well being, not to mention your own importance.
Remember our bicycle analogy.  I don't wish to be a unicycle, even if our roles are different, it is only when we work together, pointed in the same direction, that we will realize our goals.  Your well being is of utmost importance to me.
All of my love, and forgiveness . . .
Master Michael

Thank you Master, I am humbly grateful to you.  I cherish you and want our relationship to last for a long time without any conflicts or derailments.  I weep as I now publish with gratitude.

the first rule of porn club . . .

Another PSA (Public Sexual Announcement) from Michael and Serafina Samadhi.

This one's about, believe it or not, a Porn Club!

Now, I've belonged to more than my share of clubs through the years, some more pleasant than others.  For a brief period back in the early 1980's I belonged to Mensa.  That's where I decided there is a very fine line between genius and madness.  And yes, I was a Cub Scout and then a Boy Scout, what a great place to learn knots!

This will be my first Porn Club, and while I don't really know anything about the specifics of this group, it sounds like it could be fun.  Here's how I discovered the event, the official announcement . . .
November Porn Club Announcement
The November Porn Club Discussion will be held on Wednesday November 2nd and will be our first ever independent Porn Club! Unfortunately that means there will be no sponsored dvds this month, BUT we will be giving away several prizes throughout the discussion all of which will be videos! All those videos you always wished we could review, now’s your chance to win them!
Since we have no specific videos for discussion this month, we are opened up to several different topics which we have never had the opportunity to broach!
The first topic of our discussion will be “An Introduction to Porn”. No, we do not plan on trying to re-introduce you to the wonderful world of pornography, we will instead be discussing your individual discoveries of porn. What mediums did you first discover? Where? How did you feel? Did you love it? Hate it? Were you confused?
Our second topic will be “All About Feelings”. How have your views on pornography changed? What if anything, has influenced change. How do your friends and partners feel about porn? Does it, or has it caused conflict in your relationships?
Next we will be discussing “Porn Classics” Not necessarily the actually classics, but porn that has remained a staple for US in our lives, either as a reference or an actual part of our collections of libraries. What makes it our favourite, or brings it back into memory so often?
Of course the easiest way to follow this up would be -DUN DUN DUN- “Porn Disasters!”. This portion of the discussion will be filled with all of the worst moments in porn (you know, the ones glued to the back of your brain that pop up to turn you off at inopportune moments?). What really turns you off in porn? What makes you walk right past a video without even taking a look. What do you think is downright wrong?
To finish up we will be discussing what you want out of the Porn Club itself, what your favourite part of being a member, or attending is. What would you love to see happen, and what videos are on your MOST WANTED lists.
So, this month is essentially all about YOU! We want you to be able to discuss your porn experience freely and with plenty of feedback! It will not only be loads of fun but it will help us come up with ways to make Porn Club even more exciting! Not to mention the prizes of course!
So remember NOVEMBER @8pm EST, and don’t forget the games start an hour early!! Hope to see you there!
Like I said, I don't know anything the club, it's members, or even if this is a worthwhile use of my time.  But, I'm open to new experiences, and the concept of a Porn Club sounds pretty neat, so I'll be adding this too my calendar.

DISCLAIMER - Michael Samadhi, Serafina Samadhi, and/or are not associated or affiliated with or the EdenFantasies Porn Club in any manner, shape, or form.  We have not, and do not expect to receive any compensation or consideration in return for this posting.  
The logos and images associated with this post are property of and are used here for demonstration and review purposes only, and to help our readers associate the side and the EdenFantasies Porn Club as the original source of the quote included in the post.

Safety Dance Shears

One of the prevailing credos for the majority of individuals who include BDSM activities in their lifestyle is that their activities are to always be "Safe, Sane, and Consensual."   Today's post is focused on one aspect of the credo - safety - that word is even in the name of the item we are about to profile.

We're talking about EMT Safety Shears.

Safety Shears are an absolute necessity for individuals practicing any form of Shibari, bondage, or playful restraint.  By absolute necessity, I literally mean - Do not play unless you have Safety Shears! - understood?

I hope that you will keep at least one pair of safety shears in your toybag, and at the same time, I hope that you never actually have to use them.

My lovely assistant Serafina has provided us with an illustration of a EMT Safety Shears (top) as well as a pair of smaller Bandage Shears (bottom).

While the primary subject of today's post is the Safety Shear, I'd like to give some attention to it's smaller relative, the bandage shear.  Being lighter and cheaper, bandage shears aren't effective in an emergency.

I do like the bandage shear for tighter more delicate work, especially when time isn't of the essence.  A good use for that tool is removing plastic cling wrap after a mummification session.  Just remember it's a specialty tool, and not really for use in a true emergency.

Since I mentioned emergencies again, and just in case you didn't catch the most important message earlier in this post, I'll repeat myself here:
Safety Shears are an absolute necessity for individuals practicing any form of Shibari, bondage, or playful restraint.  Do not play unless you have Safety Shears!
They are like an insurance policy against any number of potential mishaps.  For instance . . .
  • Imagine having an individual tightly restrained "spread eagled" on their back to your bed.  You've used an intricate web of ropes attached to a number of places on their four limbs, making your subject quite immobile.  Suddenly without warning, they inform you of an extremely urgent overwhelming need to vomit.  You know that inhaling even small amounts of stomach contents can cause pneumonia, that stomach acids can chemically burn tender lung tissue, and that a number of rock stars have literally died from the combination of inebriation and aspiration. Fortunately, the safety shears you had thoughtfully placed on your nightstand allow you to free your subject with a few snips, and help them to roll over and get to the edge of the bed where they throw up into a garbage can.  Tonight's scene may be over, but, as you hold your partner in your arms, you are thankful you aren't calling 911 because they choked on vomit while you struggled to untie the ropes.
That's not a pretty picture I painted.  But, in relative terms, for instance if I rated the danger using the old Department of Homeland Security's color codes, that particuler emergency is nothing more than a yellow or orange alert.  

A "Red Alert" scenario might include a subject who has actually passed out, or any number of mishaps involving true edge play such as suspension bondage.  At this level, mistakes, misjudgment, neglect, and shear stupidity can end up costing someone the ultimate price, their life.

For details of one recent story where apparent disregard for safety protocols cost one individual their life, and threatens to leave another charged with murder, read "Shibari, “Extreme Sex,” and Anti-Sex Prejudice" over at, Violet Blue's website.

Safety Shears are inexpensive, so there's no excuse not to have at least one pair in your toybag.  EMT Shears at sell for just $5.50.  A quick peak at revealed a deluxe version, complete with titanium blades and comfort grip handles from Clauss for a few dollars more.

The Clauss shears are pretty neat, but I do have to say that if you are using Safety Shears frequently enough that you need a comfort grip handle, there are likely some serious problems with your technique, or your judgement.  Either that or they somehow ended up next to Serafina's sewing machine!

After saying that, I really should be clear however, Serafina and I have no desire to become the toybag police.  The only compliance I ever enforce is upon my lovely slave/wife, if you've been reading along you probably already know that.

But, it is my belief that when talking about toys and technique here at, we can't ever stress the importance of safety too often, or in too strong of terms!  Today we might have gone over and over the importance of safety so much that we might be accused of flogging a dead horse.

I'd never strike a live animal, but in this case I'll happily beat that deceased equine one more time - Play safe everybody!

With that sentiment, I'll now segue to Men Without Hats and their hit - Safety Dance.

The Joy of Kink is Open

Joy of Kink Now Open New Home Please come join me at my new home... The Joy of Kink I'm joined there by some new friends... ...