Tuesday, October 4, 2011

office attire - skirts and heels

My darling slave/wife,

I told you the other night that we'd be purchasing a new wardrobe for you to wear when fulfilling your duties as my slave/secretary, and then this morning I ran across this picture on the blog of one of my tumblr followers.

A selection of skirts in this style will be an essential goal of our shopping spree. If it pleases your vanity, I'd allow some variation in color and fabric, but the basic style is not open to negotiation.

You will also be needing new heels, I know, and the pair this model is wearing are really quite fetching. They are a little bit racy for the very conservative investment office I run, but considering that you wore your chain harem / belly dance collar to the office last week and pulled it off without a sideways glance, you might just have the skill and panache to pull it off.

All of my Love,

Master Michael

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