Sunday, August 14, 2011

presents for slave girl Serafina

pic from Stock Images

I just ordered some very special treats for my slave/wife because she's been a very good girl for a very long time under some very difficult circumstances.

Now, when it comes to "romantic" presents most ladies would prefer things like lingerie or perfume or massage oils, and I certainly have a great appreciation for those things, but my visions are usually a little darker and quite often there's more leather than lace.

So, just for fun, I decided that the readers of our blog will know the identity of her presents even before my sweet Serafina finds out for herself . . .

In case you are wondering, I'm very certain my Serafina is a good girl and I just she won't ruin the surprise by clicking on the links I'm about to share here . . .

While on my shopping spree I did throw in a couple goodies for myself, although I suppose they really are for use on her . . .

Once the presents arrive we will write about them here and shoot some of our own pictures too!

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