Saturday, August 13, 2011

the naked lunch

pic from Stock Images
My beautiful slave/wife and I had a wonderful romantic lunch together yesterday . . .

Delicious smells were coming from the kitchen when I got the call from Serafina that my meal was prepared.

There was one single setting at the table, with a delicious steak (medium rare) and steamed broccoli florets as a side dish.

My slave/wife knelt gracefully on the floor beside my chair. As I ate my own lunch, I fed Serafina her portion straight from my fork.

I really did intend to bring back a picture . . . at least of the steak :) . . . but Serafina kept loosing the straps off the negligee she was wearing, first exposing one breast, then the other.

Before it was done I had her kneeling naked beside my table, and I forgot all about the picture of the steak . . .

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