Saturday, August 20, 2011

letter to Wyred Slave - makers of my slave/wife's permanent collar

Dear Wyred Slave,
The collar is very beautiful and we are absolutely thrilled with our purchase, thank you very much!
We've started a blog about our life as a Master/slave husband and wife and intend to detail our purchase of a collar from you in a post very soon. The site's URL is I plan to send you a link to the post(s) about the collar you crafted for us once I've managed to shoot some pictures and write a glowing description of Wyred Slave.
We do plan to order more from you in the near future, as my wife/slave has requested a wrist and/or ankle bracelet to match her collar. I haven't told her yet, but I am also eyeing a locking belt as the picture of a locking belt over a corset on your site has given me inspiration!
I just wanted to say thank you again for the wonderful collar, it's a true pleasure doing business with you.
Sincere regards,
Michael Samadhi

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