Wednesday, September 20, 2017

734 Centerfolds in an hour? Meh…

Christina Cauterucci looks at all 734 Playboy centerfolds in a single sitting for Salon…

There’s no wrong way to read Playboy’s new coffee table book of naked ladies. You can breeze through the encyclopedic collection of centerfolds in chunks, stopping when a shiny lower lip or well-groomed clitoral hood catches your interest. You can use the index to find a favorite Playmate, if you’re the kind of person who has a favorite Playmate. You can turn to the year you were born or bat mitzvahed and see what the residents of dudeland were drooling over that month. You can flick the pages like a flipbook, watching faces and skin blur together like a demonic wormhole that really, really wants to have sex with you.

But if you’re going to drop up to $75 on an 8 1/2-pound volume of exposed flesh, I’d recommend taking an hour or so to leaf through the entire thing, page by page. Playboy: The Complete Centerfolds, 1953–2016 offers exactly what it advertises: every single centerfold the magazine has published through February of last year. That is a remarkable number of bodies to trap in one volume. Taken together, they offer a kind of biological survey few humans will experience in their lifetimes. Even the world’s busiest doctors and most-overbooked porn stars don’t see 700-some-odd naked women in a single hour.

If you take this route, as I did on Thursday afternoon in a painstakingly sequestered corner of the Slate office, you will catalog approximately 1,400 nipples of various shades, textures, and surface areas. You will see several hundred labia and, if you have a set, think carefully about your own. You will despair at how the satin robe and garter belt industries have escaped any attempts at meaningful innovation in the past half-century. You will wonder why, in the 2010s, just as Earth was experiencing the hottest temperatures in recorded history, all women suddenly got visibly cold.

Christina Cauterucci

Salon, What I Learned By Looking at 734 Playboy Centerfolds in One Sitting

By the time I was coming of age, in the 1970’s, Playboy was already being seriously challenged by its competitors.  As far as I was concerned, that was a very good thing.

I was never really a big Playboy guy, it was really too vanilla for me.  I was more a fan of Penthouse, which was far more to my taste.  Penthouse had better letters (at least for my sensibilities) and I felt that its photoshoots were far more interesting too.  Playboy was for my Dad’s generation, it seemed, Penthouse was for mine.

I had a cousin who worshipped at the altar of Hugh Hefner.  I’ll never forget him classifying all of Hefner’s competitors as being akin to gynecological handbooks.  I told him that it was a shame he liked bush more than pussy.

Later on, a few years down the road, my cousin went to work for the Republican Party.  At that time, I accused him of liking Bush more than pussy.

Some things never change I guess…


I’ve never been a big centerfold fan, just as I’ve never been agog of celebrity.  While I could envision having Playboy: The Complete Centerfolds as part of my personal sexuality library, I’m also sure there are dozens of other books I’d rather own.

In the end, I’d probably classify this weighty tome (844 pages – 8.4lbs shipping weight @ Amazon) more as a book of art than a picture book.  Playboy’s airbrush artists seem as endemic to High Hefner’s vision as the actual photographers and models.  These women are far from “real”, in almost every manner, shape and form.

I’m sure if someone paid me, like they did Christina Cauterucci, to read through the whole thing in a single sitting, I could.  But, most likely that’s what it would take.

Sorry, Mr. Hefner, that old cliched joke about buying Playboy for the articles was far more true than you might have thought.  At least it was in my case…

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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

TMI Tuesday: September 19, 2017

Sinnjara’s 1st TMI Tuesday (with notes by Michael)

1. Why would you go to a therapist?
a. You need support
b. You want to take responsibility for your life’s outcomes?
c. You need guidance and to be told what to do 

A- Support and help with working through past trauma
Michael – I’m glad you didn’t say C – that’s what I’m for…

2. Thinking of the main male lover in your life, what is sex for him:
a. stress relief, tension reliever
b. a way to show love
c. something exciting he likes to do

D- All of the above and MORE!
Michael – ladies and gentlemen hold your cards, we’ve got a BINGO…

3. Do you feel a partner is being invasive for wanting to know your plans and inner thoughts?

My particular relationship is a Master/slave style leaning more into Owner/possession. With that in mind, no I do not feel that my Master is being invasive when he wants to know these things. If anything, I find it appealing and a show of love from him.
Michael – ding ding ding ding ding – we’ve got a winner!

4. In your opinion, what is intimate sharing?

Opening up to one another about everything, the good, the bad, the ugly and more. The sum of your emotions, thoughts, and experiences shared without fear or concern of the other using it in some way to hurt or harm you.
Michael – And here I thought intimate sharing was when I loaned you out to my friends! 😉

5. Would you enjoy a weekend by yourself, without the company of your partner? Where would you go? What would you do?

I could enjoy a weekend without the company of my Master, I choose not to. I would likely go camping away from everyone and everything deep in the woods. The place doesn’t matter so much. I enjoy being in the woods, listening to the sounds of nature throughout the day, bird watching, stars at night, the songbirds in the morning. No traffic, no sirens, and leave the electronics at home.
Michael – sounds almost like paradise, but where are the screams, the sound of a whip cracking, the begging, betcha you’d miss those…

Bonus: Would you buy an outfit that you love, knowing that your partner will hate it? Then would you wear it as well?

I most certainly would buy an outfit he would hate, only so that I could enjoy the look in his eyes as he promises to cut it off of me.
Michael – sharpens his knife… clothes are just so unnecessary….

TMI Tuesday blog

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Monday, September 18, 2017

Iowa tells rape victims to be patient

several months wait months for evidence to be tested

The Des Moines Register is reporting that rape victims in Iowa are being forced to wait months for the processing of evidence to be completed.

In late February, 42-year-old Gina Battani told her local police she was sexually assaulted by someone she knew.

But nearly seven months later, analysis of the evidence collected from her case has not been completed by the state crime lab — while the man she has accused walks free.

She’s called at least 10 times, only to be told there is a backlog and it’s in process.

“I’ve been told to be patient,” said Battani, who lives in central Iowa.

“I have felt so insignificant — that I didn’t matter.”

Battani is far from alone. Frustrated rape victims are waiting months — or sometimes even more than a year — for Iowa’s overwhelmed crime lab to process DNA evidence that is crucial to their cases, allowing their suspected attackers to avoid arrest.

Kathy A. Bolten

Des Moines Register, Rape victims in Iowa are still waiting months for evidence testing

where’s the funding?

We live in a day and age where para-military styled police forces are becoming increasingly militarized, in both mindset and appearance.

A few years back, while on vacation, I witnessed a sight I never thought I’d see in the United States.  Something I’d previously associated only with third world countries.  Police in armored cars.

No riots.  Zero civil unrest.  Streets were not cordoned off.  Yet, there they were, a tactical response team out flexing its militaristic muscles.

Images of police dressed in imposing riot gear may act as a deterrent for civil unrest, but it all comes with a serious price tag.  Tech gear and armaments are expensive.  Armored cars are very expensive.

Yet, we can’t properly fund (and manage) our crime labs…

The popularity of crime lab shows on television leads people to believe that technology produces convictions.  It does.  But, that technology is of no use if the evidence is still sitting on a shelf.

Rape victims deserve better.  All victims of violent crimes deserve better.

Michael’s way

When a rape victim like Gina Battani ends up feeling insignificant, forgotten, betrayed by a system that has its priorities backward, there is a serious problem.

As the system works today, victims of sexual assault are being victimized a second time by the state.  Yet, the solution is so simple.  Find the political will to properly fund our crime labs.  It doesn’t really matter too much how the funding is found.

  • Add another surcharge to the court costs/fees paid by individuals who have been convicted of violent crimes, with the proceeds funding increases in staff for crime labs.
  • Add a fee for every individual released from custody on bond.
  • Hold off on purchasing a few armored cars.
  • Cut a small percentage of funds budgeted for militarized tactical response teams.
  • Eliminate out-of-state travel by state employees for conferences.  Video conference instead.
  • Subscribe to a few less professional publications, some of which cost thousands of dollars.

I’m sure there is a myriad of ways to make it happen.  To slightly twist an old cliche: Where there’s the (political) will, there’s always a way!

But please, whatever is done, do it with some urgency.  Mr Politician, treat this issue as if your own daughter had been raped.  Light a fire under somebody’s ass.  Take a page from Nike’s book – just do it!

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pain and suffering

M. Kathleen Casey | Quote of the Day | 9/18/2017

Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.

M. Kathleen Casey

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Sunday, September 17, 2017

making faces

Michael Samadhi – your humble narrator – making faces

I am expressive but secretive about my emotions.

Alia Bhatt

I am told that the time is far overdue to create and post an “about” page.

That’s the post where I am supposed to distill the essence of who I am.  It’s the point where I tell my readers everything they need to know about Michael Samadhi, not to mention laying out my vision for the blog.


This isn’t going to be that post.

I’m a lot better at telling stories about my life than I am at trying to explain what I’m all about.  I’m better at talking about what’s right in front of me than I am about explaining what’s underneath it all.

Refining what I am, and my vision for this blog will have to wait for another time.  So, for today, I’ll just post two images of myself.

Of course, neither is my normal visage.  That would be too simple…

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Jeffrey Sandusky Pleads Guilty To Child Sexual Abuse
I have to believe there is a special circle in hell reserved for men who sexually abuse children…

Due to go on trial next week, Sandusky, 41, pleaded guilty to two misdemeanors and 12 felonies in a deal with prosecutors, under which he would serve three to six years in prison. The judge isn’t bound by the deal and could sentence him to up to eight years.

Centre County District Attorney Stacey Parks Miller said the plea spares the victims the trauma of testifying.

Barbara Campbell - NPR

Jeffrey Sandusky, Penn State Coach's Son, Pleads Guilty To Child Sexual Abuse

There’s a special circle in hell for men who sexually abuse children.  Men like Jeffrey Sandusky.

My only complaint is that the plea bargain will likely result in “short time” for Jeffrey.

The expected sentence does not even come close to being a proportionate punishment for the swath of destruction the Sandusky’s have caused.  There’s really no denying he deserves a far worse fate.

I’d never advocate for torture.  After all, our Constitution prohibits cruel and unusual punishment.  But, I suppose it’s ok to pretend, at least for a moment, that the punishment meted out by our court system actually fit the crime.

Lash his balls to a flagpole, and run him up the pole like old glory.  Set the flagpole on fire.  Then, toss the son-of-a-bitch a knife…

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isn’t that what equality is for?

Patrick Mulcahey | Quote of the Day | 9/17/2017

It may be that for the first time, a majority of LGBT Americans — I’m talking sheer numbers now, without reference to class, race or any other factor — feel assimilated into the mainstream. Even our celebrities: Anderson Cooper, Ellen DeGeneres, Laverne Cox, RuPaul, they’re everyone else’s celebrities too. We sometimes hear older gay folk complain that millennials take equality for granted, but isn’t that what equality is for?

Patrick Mulcahey

First, Be a Human Being

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Wednesday, April 27, 2016


There have been some redirection in the Samadhi Haus.  There has been a large gap of action here and for that I apologize.  I am going to do my best to continue the story, even as the primary writer is no longer here.

Master Michael Samadhi is saying he will continue to write for Joy Of Kink, and many of the articles he has written here are candidates for brush-up, rewriting and revision.  I would encourage you to check them out!  as the entries get an update- he will post a new link here for you to quickly follow.

Master Michael has expanded his interests to a fascination with cigars.  He is going to create a Cigar Magazine with a comprehensive data base of what is in his collection, do intensive reviews.  It's title is Cigar Notebook and as soon as this link is active it will be linked here too.

Becoming officially a Poly Community has had some life changing impacts.  I am sure they were not anticipated, but when you add more individuals whether by birth or choice to the existing dynamic it has to evolve.  Time is suddenly far more complex in the way it is apportioned.

Young couples are often the greatest group to realize that their plans for an addition was lacking in undertaking preparations.  oh most of them did see the need to prepare a space for the newcomer, they prepare with all the physical needs and requirements.  They are so excited for the prospects, but they somehow forgot to sit down and reflect to themselves, and to one another the cost and plan for emotional preparedness.

In being so focused on the natural things we have neglected the emotional and spiritual side of things.  I have begun a journey of reflection, and introspection.  Interesting that we only tend to do so when we feel close to desperation, however that seems the norm for many if not most.

That is, at least been the pattern for me.  When things don't go my way. or if my expectations and ambitions for life and living, I hunker down.  That is when I am not just lashing out, or stewing by myself.  Over the ensuing weeks I will journal my self- discovery.  I will be as truthful as I can be.  And I will do my best to honor the people in my life. Please know that I am just realizing and daring to admit that I have emotionally repressed anger for many years.  I am only now realizing this and I do not like the person I am right now, and I am endeavoring to correct.

I invite loving constructive interaction with you dear readers.  Privately, if you think it is appropriate.  Please refrain from negativity, there is enough to go around for that.  Perhaps others are struggling more- or less with similar issues.  In that case I invite you to join me on this path to loving and healing.  First our-self and then the rest!

Until next time!!
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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Cuffed and Waiting

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

TMI Tuesday

Pet Names & Body Parts
pet nicknames

1. Do you give pet names to anything? (e.g. Significant other. Car. Breasts. Penis. Vagina.)
My significant other has a title, rather than a pet name- I call him "Master"!
2. Is there a pet name that you can’t stand being called?
Anything that represents humiliation.  Having a shy and introverted personality I don't do well with humiliation.
3. Has your body ever done something that you didn’t understand? Even if it was a ‘first time’ something happened? 
I had no idea what squirting was- until Master had me discover my G-spot.  Alas!  I have zero self-control.  It just happens, LOL!
4. Which body part do you spend the most time on? (grooming, applying, etc.)
My pussy parts when I am allowed>  I epilate- no razors! when ever I have permission.
5. The name of the best lover you’ve ever had.
Master Michael Samadhi!
6. Have you ever taken an ex back?
No and pretty sure he wouldn't reciprocate either!
Bonus: What’s your biggest concern in the world today? 
Maintaining a great relationship and communication with my Master.
Global financial survival, and wars and terror. 
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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Play Sisters!

All about the women?

That's really next week's prompt!  Nothing like getting a head-start!

Today I am featuring some play with an engaging and lovely masochist friend, Dione12.  We always have such fun when we get together . . .

Join us, along with all the other Sinful Sunday Participants and please remember to visit Master's blog too - Joy Of Kink

Sinful Sunday
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Sunday, August 24, 2014

flash back from the past!

Sinful Sunday 176
 One of the first times I met my wonderful Master Michael.

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Sinful Sunday

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Flight That Never Lands - Flying Passion's Embrace

the flight that never lands?

Flying Passion's Embrace


Not from altitude,

Nor the sweet champagne.

Flying from Love.  Flying from lust.

Flying because my head says we must.

Intoxicating passion.

Stripes from my cane.

The whip strikes again and again.

Flying from Love.  Flying from lust.

Flying because my heart says we must.

When she stares,

My vision is altered,

My senses beyond alert.

Flying from Love.  Flying from lust.

Flying because our fates say we must.

~  ~  ~  ~  ~
Ladies and gentlemen, this is your Captain speaking.  
You are free to roam about each other's bodies.
I'm also here to announce, that this flight will never land!
          ~ M.M.Samadhi ~ 9/24/2014

The Flight That Never Lands - Flying Passion's Embrace  

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